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Zetadocs Document Queue Card


The Zetadocs Document Queue Card page has several settings to configure how the Document Queue will behave:







The unique ID number for this Document Queue


The name of the Document Queue, this should match relative path of the Document Queue in SharePoint Online.


For example, the default Sales Document Queue URL is https://example.SharePoint.com/sites/yoursitecollection/Sales Document Queue.

So the Name field on the  Zetadocs Document Queue Settings Page should just be Sales Document Queue

Archive Document

Toggle to determine if the converted file will be archived when the file is linked to a record.

Archive Original

Toggle to determine if the original file will be archived when the file is linked to a record.

Delete After Archive

Toggle to determine if the file that is archived will be removed from the Document Queue.

Show Delete Confirmation

Toggle to determine if the 'Show Delete Confirmation' dialog is shown when deleting a document.

Auto Link Documents

Toggle to determine if files in the Document Queue should be automatically linked to records based on the files 'Link' field.


(Note: this requires a custom Extension, see Zetadocs SDK Guide)

Enable Job Scheduling

Toggle to schedule automation of the Archive All Linked Items button using the Business Central Job Scheduler - see Zetadocs SDK Guide for more information.

Check Out on View

Toggle to determine is files should be Checked Out automatically when they are being viewed.


Document Queue Menu Items


The section at the bottom contains the menu items available to the user, when they click the Archive button from this Zetadocs Document Queue. Each menu item selects an action. Through these actions the user can associate (link) the captured document with an existing or new Business Central record.





A caption that describes the action to a user e.g. Link to existing shipment

Menu Code ID

The unique ID that identifies the action.


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