White label T&E expenses

Designed to be a feature of your payment cards or finance/HR software

Your logo, your colors, your brand name

White label expense management software

Add cloud-based management of travel and entertainment expenses to your accounting, ERP, HR or payroll product - or make it a differentiating feature of prepaid, debit and credit cards for business.

Results in faster processing of expenses with stronger compliance, increased automation and better insight for your customers.

Now required for accounting and ERP software

Now required for accounting and ERP software

Users’ new flexible working patterns require a cloud-based mobile solution for managing company travel and entertainment expenses.

Cost-effective product transformation

Cost-effective product transformation

Spare yourself the the expense and risks of years of R&D to build a fully-fledged expenses solution.

Quick and easy to brand your way

Quick and easy to brand your way

Your logo, your colors, your product name on your web+app solution...in weeks, not years.

Best expense management on Microsoft Azure

Best expense management on Microsoft Azure

It's built as you would want to build your cloud apps – secure, scalable and complete, yet simple to manage and use.

At last, rich expense management designed as a plug-in feature.

Focus on your core competencies

Zetadocs Expenses is a cloud service that handles out-of-pocket expenses, spending on corporate cards and business mileage for your customers.

It is a 100% cloud solution: no software licensing, no hardware costs, no maintenance contracts, no upgrade costs – instead a reliable service with monthly software updates.

With tens of man years of R&D invested in it, this is a powerful, modern expense management service that you can be confident will enhance your product, mobile-first.

Focus on your core competencies

Satisfying the needs of your users

Expense management is a complex area that's progressing fast with AI and machine learning, so harness our knowledge and experience as specialists in it.

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Faster finance

Expenses can be submitted and validated ahead of submission from any device at any time. Photo receipts and automatic reminders ensure nothing gets lost or forgotten.

Complete control

Easily apply company spending policies, limiting excess expenditure. A role-based approach helps delineate workflow, understand bottlenecks and speed-up processing.

Reduce expenditure

Costs are kept to budget as company policies per spending type can be enforced. Separation of sales tax improves value added tax (VAT) recovery on expenses and business mileage.

Seamless integration

Great integration with accounting, ERP, HR and payroll software means the end of rekeying, with expense management becoming part of the finance or HR system as a rich new feature.


Cash, cars and cards

  • Phone and web apps for online/offline multi-currency expense entry, receipt capture, report submission and approval.
  • Manages out-of-pocket expenses for reimbursement, fuel and business mileage for company and private cars, and reconciliation of imported corporate credit card statements.

Sales taxes and coding

  • Tackles VAT recovery on expenses and on fuel used for business mileage.
  • Records custom codes such as department, project and activity for reporting and recharging.
  • Expense limits and warnings are set by company policy.

Approval workflows

  • Managers and finance processors are alerted and reminded by email of their approval tasks.
  • Approvals can be tracked by submitters and the finance team, and delegated as needed.

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