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Fax from email (desktop faxing)

Zetafax, our award winning network/desktop fax software, is simple to install, easy to manage and highly reliable, which is why it's been the number one choice for over 60,000 customers worldwide. Integrating Zetafax into your business will benefit it in the following ways.

The easy fax from email software solution

Increase your employees' productivity with fax software that's so easy to use they'll be up and running in minutes. Document creation, sending, and receipt can all be done from within your email client, making communications management a breeze.

Eliminate paper and save 80% on document production

Managing, storing and delivering documents manually could be costing your company between 1% - 3% of your annual revenue. Zetafax eliminates the need for a fax machine and reduces paper usage, which means significant savings for your business.

Rapid deployment with minimum administration overhead

Windows Group Policy and Active Directory support allows Zetafax to be quickly rolled out to multiple desktop PCs. Automatic updates ensure the Zetafax server and clients are running the latest version.

Zetafax grows with your business

The wide range of Zetafax add-ons allows you to expand your system's functionality one step at a time. Add-ons include Zetafax Automation Toolkit and Document conversion.

Future Proofing with Software Assurance

Software Assurance gives you access to software updates and upgrades ensuring your Zetafax system is future proofed.

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