Timemaster support

Getting support and upgrades

Timemaster support

We know that maintaining project profitability is vital to your business. Our dedicated support team based in Hull, in the UK are on hand to offer first class support to ensure your projects remain on track, giving you peace of mind knowing that you can avoid or minimize any software downtime. We will provide technical assistance for Timemaster when you need it, together with free software updates and fixes for the length of your contract.

Support options

Software Assurance
Software Assurance is our most popular service contract. It enables Timemaster administrators to keep their systems up to date, including software updates for new platforms and new versions of supported applications. It is the quickest, and cheapest way to get updates such as support for Windows, most popular browsers, Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Standard Support Plan
Software Assurance includes our Standard Support Plan of telephone support with an immediate response, if not busy and email support with a response time of under 4 hours during UK business hours.

Platinum Support Plan
Our Platinum Support Plan is our premium support contract, for companies with mission critical systems. For more details about our Platinum Support Plan, please contact us.

Software updates and upgrades

Customers with Software Assurance or a Platinum Support Plan automatically receive all new releases and updates to their software for free. Equisys is constantly developing its software products to enhance and upgrade performance, improve usability, and to support Microsoft and other vendors’ platform developments.

Support portal

This is available on a 24x7 basis from the Equisys website. A range of technical notes, 'How to' guides, software updates and fixes for known issues can be found in the Timemaster support portal. Register here for a login if you do not already have one.

What next?

Need support now?

Open a support ticket now, login to the support portal or contact our sales team to purchase a support contract.

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