Zetadocs – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the Zetadocs suite, please refer to our FAQs below to see if your question has already been answered.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us at sales@equisys.com.

Zetadocs Expenses offers on the go expense capture and seamless integration with Business Central and Dynamics NAV, for a smarter way of working. You can capture, submit, approve and export expenses easily using the Zetadocs Expenses mobile app and on browser. It is available anytime, anywhere and puts you in complete control by setting policies, reimbursing staff quickly, ensuring VAT/tax is fully reclaimed and rapidly reconciling credit card statements.

Zetadocs Expenses offers three different editions, all of which integrate seamlessly with Business Central. You can find more information about the features included with each edition here. You may also find the “Which edition is right for you?” blog article a useful read.

Yes. You can watch a demonstration here, or book your own free, personalized demonstration here.

Our customers typically purchase Zetadocs Expenses via their Microsoft Dynamics partner who look after their Business Central or NAV setup. However, please feel free to contact Equisys directly in the first instance to discuss your requirements.

A licence can be requested by completing the online request form available here. We will usually process your request the next working day and you will receive a welcome email from us with all the information you need to get started.

Zetadocs Expenses subscription pricing is available here.

The Express edition software is available at no cost to Business Central online customers – for use by up to 25 users only. There are optional implementation and support plans available to purchase for the Zetadocs Expenses Express edition.

All Zetadocs Expenses subscriptions are payable annually in advance.

No. Zetadocs Expenses subscription billing is based on the average number of active users who are using the service each month. Prior to commencing a new subscription, we will discuss how many users you expect to regularly submit and/or approve expense reports each month (i.e. “active users per-month”) so that we can then invoice you accordingly.

We review your actual usage of the service periodically and will contact you prior to calculating your next invoice if there will be a change to the average number of active users per-month that you are billed for.

We never cap the number of Zetadocs Expenses users that you can enable – giving you maximum flexibility. This flexible approach to billing means that you do not need to purchase a subscription for all those “lite” users who may only submit a few expenses during the whole year.

Yes, the initial term is typically 12-months.

All editions of Zetadocs Expenses are designed to be implemented quickly, within 1 to 3 days depending on the edition.

We offer fixed-price implementation services, such as £1,990 for Zetadocs Essentials edition or £2,985 for Zetadocs Plus edition. You can find more detail on these packages here or via Microsoft AppSource Consultancy Services. If you are based in North America, please contact us directly for implementation pricing.

No. For most users who are submitting and/or approving expense reports only using Zetadocs Expenses, it is not necessary for them to have a Business Central licence. However, those users who carry out the final processing of expense claims (e.g. users within a finance team) will need a Business Central Essentials or Premium licence, since they will typically need to export information into Business Central.

Yes. The Zetadocs Expenses Essentials and Plus editions can be integrated with multiple companies in a Business Central environment (where all companies are using the same currency).

Note: The Zetadocs Expenses Express edition can only be used with one company in Business Central Online.

Zetadocs Expenses is available for use in all countries where Business Central is available. Currently in English only, but soon to be available in German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Danish and Swedish.

You can find T&C’s here.

Upgrading the Zetadocs Expenses edition that you have is a simple process. Once we receive confirmation that you wish to upgrade, we will make a quick change to your existing Zetadocs Expenses account that will unlock all the features of the Essentials or Plus edition ready for you to use straight away. The existing configuration and data that you had with the Express edition will remain the same. Please contact your Business Central partner directly or sales@equisys.com to request an upgrade.

Yes, a white label version of Zetadocs Expenses is available, offering you the option to add your logo, brand colours and name to your expense management system. Find out more here.

The Zetadocs Expenses Extension for Business Central is available from Microsoft AppSource. If you are using Business Central on-premise or Dynamics NAV, you can download the software from here.

Zetadocs Expenses supports all major versions of Business Central from version 13 onwards. All Dynamics NAV versions are also supported from NAV 2013 onwards (W1, GB & NA database only). You can find a full list of supported versions here.

Note: The Zetadocs Expenses Express edition is supported for use with Business Central Online only.

Yes, support is always included in our Essentials & Plus subscriptions. Our UK & US based technical teams provide support via email with a 24 hour response time which can be upgraded to Premium Technical Support for direct telephone support if needed.

Yes. We recommend the purchase of an implementation and support plan to ensure your Zetadocs Expenses Express system is setup correctly and that the integration with Business Central is carried out by professionals. Whilst the Express edition has a limited feature set and is restricted to a fixed number of users, it is still a powerful business tool which once adopted by the wider business can become mission critical. Having experts on hand that can quickly troubleshoot any issues that arise will save you precious time.

Yes. Zetadocs Expenses is fully tested against each new update that Microsoft releases for Business Central (there are usually two wave releases each year) and we are committed to maintaining full compatibility. We are typically given early access to each Business Central wave release – ensuring any Zetadocs Expenses compatibility issues are resolved promptly without impacting customer systems.

All editions of Zetadocs Expenses are designed to be implemented quickly, within 1 to 3 days depending on the edition. We offer implementation packages that each have a Statement of Work tailored to the edition and cover all the stages of the project that you would expect, including planning, configuration, testing and training. You find more information here.

Online help documentation and quick-start videos are always available on our website - click here for more info.

You can find information on how to contact our UK & USA based support teams here.

The online help includes quick-start guides and videos enabling your users to lead themselves through each of the common scenarios when using Zetadocs Expenses. If you choose to purchase one of our packaged implementation services, these include training for your expense administrator(s) on how to administer Zetadocs Expenses. Training for end-users who will be submitting and/or approving expenses is also included in the implementation packages (Essentials & Plus edition only).

Zetadocs Expenses is a simple add-on for Business Central. The setup process comprises two key stages:

  • Installing an extension that is available from Microsoft AppSource.
  • Run the Zetadocs Expenses Assisted Setup that will publish a web service.

If you have Business Central deployed on-premise, then there are some additional steps to follow – you can find more information in the online help.

The Zetadocs Expenses application can be accessed via popular web browsers and mobile apps are available on Google Play and the App Store. Users will receive a welcome email that contains a link to the app, plus links to the online help that is available.

Approved expenses can be automatically exported to Business Central with the GL account, tax code, dimensions etc all set for you. When an approved expense report is exported, you have a choice on what records get created in Business Central – a new purchase invoice or a new journal entry(s) with multiple options for the balancing account.

Note: When using the Zetadocs Expenses Express edition, approved expenses can only be exported to a purchase invoice in Business Central.

Yes. We can provide customers with two Zetadocs Expenses accounts: one account for use with a production environment and another that may be used for testing purposes with a sandbox environment.

Yes. Zetadocs Expenses supports single sign-on using Microsoft work or school accounts. We recommend using single sign-on to make it easier for your users to sign in, and for your IT administrators to centrally manage access to the application rather than manage separate user accounts.

When approved expenses are exported to Business Central (by creating a purchase invoice and/or journal entry), the Plus edition allows you to customize this process to alter the content and/or format that Business Central fields are populated with – at a record or line level. The Plus edition also allows you to add custom processing steps to be run before and/or after the export, to satisfy any specific business requirements that you may have.

No, downgrading the Zetadocs Expenses edition is not possible. If you were to downgrade in the future, then a new Zetadocs Expenses account would need to be provisioned and the data/configuration on your existing account would not be migrated.

Yes. Users can be required to login to Zetadocs Expenses using their Microsoft work or school accounts – which can have multi-factor-authentication enabled.

Yes. The access that users are given to the Zetadocs Expenses application and its data is determined by the role(s) that is assigned to them (e.g. Submitter, Approver, Processor).

Yes. All data is fully encrypted in transit, since data that is sent to/from the Zetadocs Expenses cloud service is always secured using HTTPS. Similarly, all data is fully encrypted at rest too using Microsoft Azure storage services.

Zetadocs Expenses is hosted by Microsoft Azure in datacentres in the USA. The personal information we collect may be transferred to Microsoft’s servers in the US. Microsoft participates in the European Union Model Clauses. European Union (EU) data protection law regulates the transfer of EU customer personal data to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). More information can be found in the terms & conditions.

Yes. Security audit and penetration tests are carried out periodically against the Zetadocs Expenses service by a 3rd party specialist.

The Equisys privacy policy can be found here.

You can find information about how Equisys is committed to complying with GDRP regulations here. Further information on how Zetadocs Expenses secures personal information can also be found here.

Yes. We use Microsoft Azure and Microsoft cloud services to host Zetadocs Expenses. Microsoft is compliant with ISO 27001, along with many other global, regional and industry specific requirements – you can find more detail on these here.

Zetadocs Delivery provides automated document emailing. It enables you to send consolidated, personalized batches of emails, which you can conveniently group together for the same recipient and use templates to ensure all emails have the appropriate corporate branding and supporting documents automatically appended. Further customizations can be added to meet complex business requirements.

Zetadocs Capture provides automated document filing. It offers you more ways to capture incoming documents (whether paper or digital) and store these directly against the appropriate Business Central record. Documents are filed and indexed automatically and consistently to make searching for them later easier, while storing documents in a central archive such as SharePoint Online removes inefficiencies that result from documents being spread across different systems and locations.

With the Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture Extension for Business Central, documents can be stored in SharePoint Online. For Zetadocs customers using Business Central on-premises or NAV, documents can be stored on SharePoint Online, SharePoint On Premise and local network folders.

There are three editions of Zetadocs: Express, Essentials and Plus. These all integrate seamlessly with Business Central but offer varying functionality. You can find more information about the features included with each edition of Zetadocs Delivery here and Zetadocs Capture here.

Yes. Instructions for doing this can be found here, but please contact your Dynamics partner or email us for more details.

Yes. You can book a free, online demo with us here.

Express editions of Zetadocs are free. Full details on pricing of Essentials editions, including the cost of additional users, can be found here, while you can request a Zetadocs Express licence here.

Starter packs start at 5 users. Additional licenses can be purchased by contacting our sales team.

Zetadocs integrates with the Essentials and Premium versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Yes. As the Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture apps are Business Central add-ins, named users are required to have a Business Central Team Member, Essentials or Premium license. However, all appropriately permissioned Business Central users are able to view archived files.

Zetadocs supports all countries where Business Central is sold. The software is translated into English, Danish, Dutch, French, German and Spanish languages.

You can purchase Zetadocs directly from Equisys – contact our sales team to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, speak to your Dynamics partner, who will reach out to us and arrange licencing.

Equisys is committed to providing the highest possible level of support to customers and partners to help them with technical queries.

Software Assurance is our standard support contract. It enables your partner to keep your system up to date and includes software updates for new platforms and new versions of supported applications.

Premium technical support is also available, offering priority email and telephone support to ensure that your Zetadocs system continues to provide maximum benefit, with minimal disruption, to your business.

Learn more about the support options we provide here.

Equisys offer a number of fixed-price implementation packages to ensure your system is correctly set up and carried out by professionals.

Learn more here.

Detailed technical specifications for Zetadocs are available here.

Equisys provides technical support through its offices in the USA and the UK, and through its accredited distributors in other regions.

Learn more here.

The Equisys privacy policy can be found here.

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