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Welcome to Zetadocs Expenses

Getting started

If you're new to Zetadocs Expenses you can choose the button below to access our video library to help you get up and running.



Product Overview

Zetadocs Expenses releases you from the travel and entertainment paperchase.

oFast, accurate reimbursements

Reimburse cash payments to staff quickly and efficiently, sparing them frustrating uncertainty and delays – whilst also ensuring claims abide by company policy, and are correctly coded for Business Central.

oBetter management of corporate credit cards

Reconcile payment card statements with ease by matching and creating expenses from card payments rather than entering every payment manually; it's faster for your finance team and for cardholders.

oSimple management of business mileage

Manage fuel payments and business mileage for your company vehicles and employees' private cars, ensuring IRS and HRMC compliance and full reclaim of VAT of fuel.

oSeamless integration with Business Central

No rekeying required as approved expenses are recorded directly in Business Central as purchase invoices or journals, with employee/vendor, GL, dimension and tax codes already set – so the expenses are ready to reimburse or book to jobs.

oA cloud solution that updates itself

Zetadocs Expenses is a simple add-on for Business Central with browser and phone apps that are regularly updated automatically for you.


Using the Help System

Each Zetadocs Expenses user role has it's own dedicated landing page where frequently asked questions are answered.

These can be accessed directly from the links below;-




General user who is able to create and submit expenses.


These users have the ability to approve submitted expenses.


This role grants the user with the ability to export expenses out of Zetadocs Expenses and into your ERP system.


This user is able to analyse the expense data in Power BI.

Expenses Administrators

This user is able to configure System Settings.

If you can't find an answer to your query, use the table of contents in the left panel to navigate through the help system or, search for key words using the help_and_manual_search_image icon at the top of the table of contents.


note_image Note: Mobile app users can show / hide the table of contents via the help_and_manual_mobile_drag_image icon located on the left.