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Clients hate filing expenses, and you probably don't enjoy sorting out their shoe boxes full of crumpled receipts. A version of the award winning Zetadocs Expenses is coming that integrates with more accounting solutions so you can look after your clients’ travel and entertainment expenses without bringing pain on yourself.

Modern cloud-based bookkeeping

Modern cloud-based bookkeeping

Accountancy is changing, and Zetadocs Expenses helps you develop services priced by their value in place of bookkeeping charged by the hour.

Zetadocs harnesses the power of cloud computing to make it easy for your clients to capture travel and entertainment expenses on the move, and for you to record and reconcile those expenses correctly, to maximize VAT reclaim and tax deductions.

The attraction lies in automation

The attraction lies in automation

The simplicity of the Zetadocs app ensures adoption, yet its powerful learning and intelligence saves time for clients and your staff.

Set tolerance levels for each expense type to control expenditure, and let it get any approvals done to save you chasing for them. Spare yourself the bore of rekeying expenses, and speed up company credit card reconciliations and staff reimbursements.

Develop deeper relationships

Develop deeper relationships

The insight Zetadocs Expenses brings helps you develop as a trusted adviser for your clients. Stay one step ahead by delivering the right information at the critical moment, rather than working monthly or even annually in arrears.

Brand the app as your own as part of your package of services, and then bask in your clients’ appreciation of how it makes their business lives easier.

Training and support are on hand

Training and support are on hand

We have been working with Microsoft partners for over twenty years, so we understand what you need in training and support.

Join our partner programme, and a dedicated account manager will assist you in getting your own service up and running, and your clients on board. We’re here to help.

At last, rich expense management designed for Accountants and Bookkeepers.

We'll help you provide services your clients depend on

The Zetadocs Expenses app handles out-of-pocket expenses, spending on corporate cards and business mileage for your customers. Each is a source of hassle, so expect to be valued for managing each properly.

It is a 100% cloud solution: no software licensing, no hardware costs, no maintenance contracts, no upgrade costs – instead a reliable service with monthly software updates.
With tens of man years of R&D invested in it, this is a powerful, modern expense management solution that you can be confident will enhance the services you offer.

Focus on your core competencies

Satisfying the needs of your clients

Expense management is a complex area that small businesses need your professional advice on. Go the next step to ensure VAT reclaim and tax deductions are optimized, harnessing our knowledge and experience as specialists in it.

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Faster finance

Expenses can be submitted and validated ahead of submission from any device at any time. Photo receipts and automatic reminders ensure nothing gets lost or forgotten.

Complete control

Easily apply company spending policies, limiting excess expenditure. A role-based approach helps delineate workflow, understand bottlenecks and speed-up processing.

Reduce expenditure

Costs are kept to budget as company policies per spending type can be enforced. Separation of sales tax improves value added tax (VAT) recovery on expenses and business mileage.

Seamless integration

Great integration with accounting software means the end of rekeying, with expense management becoming part of the finance system as a rich new feature.

Cash, cars and cards

  • Phone and web apps for online/offline multi-currency expense entry, receipt capture, report submission and approval.
  • Manages out-of-pocket expenses for reimbursement, fuel and business mileage for company and private cars, and reconciliation of imported corporate credit card statements.

Sales taxes and expense policies

  • Tackles VAT recovery on expenses and on fuel used for business mileage.
  • Expense limits and warnings are set by company policy.

Approval workflows

  • Managers are alerted and reminded by email of their approval tasks; bookkeepers of what needs processing.
  • Approvals can be tracked by submitters and bookkeepers, and delegated as needed.

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Browse the blog or read the Zetadocs Expenses datasheet. Contact us by email to explore possibilities of working together.

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