Zetafax Exchange Online Connector

More and more businesses are choosing to move their email into the cloud with Microsoft Exchange Online. For companies that rely on fax, the Zetafax Exchange Online Connector provides full support for Exchange Online. The connector allows users to send and receive faxes directly in Outlook, just like email, delivering a straightforward and secure fax solution.

The Zetafax Exchange Online Connector helps to makes the switch to a Cloud-based system easier for Zetafax users by closely matching the on-premise experience of the Zetafax Microsoft Exchange Connector, including: supporting Outlook for desktop and the Outlook Web App, converting file attachments into supported formats, and the use of stored contacts to send faxes. As well as improvements and extra features following the Exchange Online Preview we released with Zetafax 2012.

How Zetafax integrates with Exchange Online:

The Zetafax Exchange Online Connector integrates your Zetafax Server with Exchange Online and uses a mailbox on the Exchange Online system. To send a fax, Exchange Online users simply send an email to a specific domain - e.g. 1234@fax.mycompany.com which is then automatically stored in the Zetafax mailbox in the organization’s Exchange Online system. The Zetafax Server regularly polls the Exchange Online system and retrieves the fax message. It then proceeds to process, prepare, and send the fax via your local fax lines. Once sending is complete, Zetafax sends an email to the user confirming the transmission.

Simple and Secure

By integrating with Exchange Online via a polling mechanism, the Exchange Online Connector enables you to keep your Zetafax Server on-premise. The server is installed on-premise as normal, and the integration design removes the need to change your fax number, company firewall or company domain name.

In addition, all faxes for sending, delivery reports and received faxes are protected using industry standard SSL encryption when passing through the server and Exchange Online; making them more secure from eavesdropping than unprotected SMTP emails. And when used in conjunction with the enhanced security features available in Zetafax, the protection standards meet the requirements of industry professionals such as the US Department of Health's HIPAA standard.

Trial Office 365 accounts and supported platforms

Zetafax users without an existing Exchange Online subscription can trial the Exchange Online Connector simply by using a trial Office 365 account.

The Exchange Online Connector uses the Transport Rules feature in Exchange Online, and supports the following Office 365 plans:

  • Enterprise E1
  • Enterprise E3
  • Midsize Business
  • Kiosk

If your plan is not listed, please contact Equisys to find out more.

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