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The key benefits of Zetadocs


Zetadocs offers users the ability to automate the production and delivery of Business Central reports as electronic documents. It gives them more ways to capture documents, from batch processing and automated filing of inbound documents using barcodes, to drag and drop directly onto the Business Central records. This helps them become more productive by reducing the amount of paper used in accounts processes .


Traditionally, finance processes are both labor and paper intensive. Delivering documents automatically as PDFs by email helps reduce the amount of time spent producing the documents, cuts down on the amount of paper used and eliminates postage costs. Capturing inbound documents and automatically filing copies of sent documents to a choice of electronic archives makes them instantly available to teams without access to Business Central to help improve customer service.


Save time and costs

Switch from paper-based business processes and unstructured emails to secure, easy to use software that is designed for efficiency.


Improve service

Help finance and customer services teams respond to customers, suppliers and colleagues more quickly by having everything on screen.


Reduced carbon footprint

Care for the environment by reducing your dependence on paper by cutting the amount of paper printed and stored.