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The key features of Zetadocs


Below is a list of the major features of Zetadocs which enable enhanced delivery, capture and archiving of your business documents.


Document Templates

Zetadocs allows you to create document templates and use those templates to send your orders, quotes and invoices. You can use a different template for each type of document that you send.


Delivery Rules

If you send your documents using Zetadocs, you can choose to send them using the delivery rules that have been set by your system administrator, or you can override these default rules with company rules allowing you to choose another template, change the contact details of the recipient and how you want to send your documents. This means that by configuring your rules you can automate the creation, delivery and archiving of personalized Business Central documents with associated coversheets or emails, thus significantly streamlining your business processes.


Delivery Options

When you send documents, a delivery confirmation page is displayed that allows you it confirm or override your delivery settings before continuing. If you are sending a single document, the Zetadocs Delivery Options page is displayed, where you can change settings, such as the template used, the contact details or preview options. If you are sending a batch of documents, the Zetadocs Batch Delivery settings are displayed, where you can change the template and consolidate E-mail options.


Delivery Automation

Group batches of personalised statements and reminders for the same recipient. Set different FROM address per Business Central record type (e.g. orders, quotes and invoices), and schedule the sending of those batches when convenient without user intervention.


Document Queues

The Zetadocs Document Queue allows you to process inbound documents received from different sources. You can save inbound documents - such as requests for quotes or orders - received by email, fax or post to a shared folder on your network and then view these documents in the relevant Zetadocs Document Queue page. You can then create new quotes, orders, credit memos, invoices or attach the documents to existing Business Central records. The documents processed in the Zetadocs Document Queue are archived for later retrieval.


Archive your documents

Zetadocs uses Microsoft SharePoint Online as your electronic archive. Once processed, documents from the Zetadocs Document Queues, Documents FactBox and those sent can be centrally archived in a consistent folder structure determined by your system administrator. You can have different subfolders for each document type, e.g. invoices can be archived in a different folder to quotes, or you could archive all documents relating to one company in a particular folder.


Powerful search and retrieval

Find and share related documents attached to any Business Central record from any record in context within Microsoft Dynamics, directly from the electronic archive, or by using SharePoint search and filtered views.