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What’s next with Zetadocs Express

Greg Cole

Following on from Paul’s blog I wanted to explain more about the premise behind our Zetadocs Express edition and how it has so far developed and continues to develop alongside NAV.

In October 2011, we released Zetadocs Express in conjunction with Microsoft so that their NAV customers on a Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) could get a document management solution integrated with SharePoint Online.

Zetadocs Express is used to drag and drop any file, email or attachment onto a  record, have it stored in SharePoint - linked to the record - and listed in the Documents FactBox.

Since then Zetadocs Express has been downloaded  thousands of times not only because of its popularity but also because we've continued to innovate and respond to customer feedback.

More flexible

Firstly customers wanted greater flexibility, scalability and choice. So we released an update to Zetadocs Express allowing users to choose between on premise SharePoint server or Office 365. We also gave them the ability to send almost any customized NAV report along with better support when archiving lots of files.

Wave a bit

Last year was a milestone year for Microsoft, releasing a wave of updates to almost every one of their flagship products. We responded by releasing support for Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, SharePoint 2013 and the 64-bit editions of Microsoft Outlook.

Then came NAV 2013 and we responded by releasing Zetadocs Express for NAV 2013 on the same day as Microsoft.

Untitled-1Super-size me

Now we've just released an update to Zetadocs Express that adds support for dragging & dropping large file attachments, something we've been getting a lot of requests for.

What’s next

Equisys are committed to continue to invest in Zetadocs Express and find ways to make simple document management appealing to more and more NAV customers. The response so far to Zetadocs Express has been phenomenal and with Microsoft we are continuing to innovate.

Intrigued? Join our session ISV 12 on Tuesday from 11:45 at Direction EMEA in Vienna to find out what’s next…

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