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What’s new in Zetadocs Approvals – September 2018 update

What’s new in Zetadocs Approvals – September 2018 update

Sign In changes

Graeme Farquhar

Zetadocs Approvals is being updated in September to use a new sign in service from Microsoft.

Zetadocs Approvals

Release date and version


September 17, 2018 (version 2.2.98)

Connector for NAV

September 17, 2018 (version 2.2.84)

Why are we making this change?

Zetadocs Approvals uses Microsoft Azure Access Control Service (ACS), a service of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), to control access to Zetadocs Approvals. Microsoft are retiring this service on 7 November 2018. After this date, ACS will be shut down, causing all requests to the service to fail.

In this update, we have integrated Zetadocs Approvals with the latest Microsoft Azure authentication service to ensure continued access to your Zetadocs Approvals account after Microsoft shuts down its ACS service.

How does this change impact approvers?

Since June 2017, Zetadocs Approvals has offered approvers a Sign In choice of using their Microsoft Work and School accounts or Microsoft Personal accounts to access the service.

Both account types will continue to be supported after Microsoft shuts down its ACS service, however approvers using Microsoft Personal accounts i.e. those accounts not created by your IT department, will need to follow a simple on-screen account recovery process before signing in again with their Microsoft Personal accounts, typically accounts ending in,,

How does this change impact our on premises installation?

Zetadocs Approvals integrates with your Dynamics NAV system using the Zetadocs Approvals Connector for NAV. The Zetadocs Approvals Connector communicates securely with Zetadocs Approvals using the Azure Service Bus which also uses ACS.

The version of the Zetadocs Approvals Connector for NAV included in this release has also been updated to use the new Microsoft Azure authentication service. Customers will need to upgrade to this version of the connector ahead of ACS being shutdown to avoid any interruption in communication between Zetadocs Approvals and your NAV system.

This updated version of the connector will continue to work with your existing Zetadocs Approval Objects for NAV and its web service, so you will not be required to involve your reseller to update those.

What should I do now?

Take the steps below before the end of October to avoid any disruption to your payable’s approval process:

Sign in

  • Ensure recovery emails are received and not treated as junk mail by adding to your global exception list.
  • Encourage any approvers seeing the amber warning bar to use the account recovery method so that they can continue to use the service.
  • Please contact Equisys Technical support if you need any assistance upgrading your Zetadocs Approvals Connector for NAV.
  • [Optional] Zetadocs Approvals Administrators have the option to recover the users Zetadocs Approvals account on the Manage User settings page. This is useful in cases where the organisation would like to switch users from using their Microsoft Personal accounts to their Microsoft Work and School accounts.

Don’t delay

ACS retirement will not be delayed by Microsoft. Don’t leave it to Monday November the 5th to switch approvers and upgrade your connector, running the risk of service disruption. Act now!

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