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What’s new in Zetadocs Approvals

What’s new in Zetadocs Approvals

Greg Cole

I am pleased to announce an update to our Zetadocs Approvals service.

Zetadocs Approvals

Release date and version


June 26, 2017 (version 2.2.97)

Connector for NAV

June 26, 2017 (version 2.2.82)


In this update we’ve made it easier for Office 365 customers to login to the service, offer you the ability to recover your Zetadocs Approval account and boosted the performance of the start screen.

Making identity easier

Sign inZetadocs approvals now supports Microsoft Work and School accounts in addition to Microsoft Personal accounts. This makes it easier for Office 365 customers to login to Zetadocs Approvals using the same Microsoft account they use to access Microsoft cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Windows Intune, and Office 365.

The Zetadocs Approvals Sign In screen has been modified to offer both Microsoft account options to sign in. If you have previously saved your Microsoft Personal account credentials, you will only see the new sign in page when you sign out. You’ll then have an option to sign in with your Office 365 account by choosing Microsoft Work and School account and follow the Recover Account option to switch.

Self-service recovery

RecoveryWe’ve added a recovery option so that approvers can switch the Microsoft login they’ve linked to their Zetadocs Approvals account themselves. This helps when you’ve associated your Microsoft Personal account and would rather use your Office 365 login, also known as a Microsoft Work and School account.

Zetadocs Approvals Administrators also have the option to recover the user’s Zetadocs Approvals account on the Manage User settings page. This is useful in cases where the organisation would like to switch users from using their Microsoft Personal accounts to their Microsoft Work and School accounts.

Faster to start

Customers processing large numbers of documents will notice a marked improvement in the load time of the Start screen. We’ve made some database tweaks and other performance improvements in this update to make this speed improvement possible.

Our testing has shown improvements of up to 65% in most cases, and more importantly, this performance boost has been done in such a way that means it will not degrade over time as your approval volumes increase.

Switch today

This update is now live and is compatible with older versions of the Zetadocs Approvals Connector and NAV codeunits.

If you are an Office 365 user, why not switch your sign in account today. Contact us now for more information.

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