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PRB: Embedded commands not properly formatted or recognised when printing to Zetadocs PDF printer using Microsoft Word.



This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs PDF version 9.x
  • Microsoft Word


When printing to the Zetadocs PDF printer using Microsoft Word, embedded commands are either not recognised (for instance, templates are not applied) or formatted incorrectly (for instance, email addresses ending up with spaces between characters).


There is a compatiblity issue between the Zetadocs PDF printer driver and Microsoft Word whereby Microsoft Word defaults to using the 'Letter' page size on the Zetadocs PDF Printer preferences rather than the default set by Windows or the application, which could be different. For instance, in European countries, A4 page size is more typically used.

This leads to the character recognition on the printer driver not behaving correctly due to the potential mismatch in page sizes, which may stretch out some characters with additional spacing, or spill commands onto additional lines. 


It is possible to work around this by disabling the Letter page size option on the Zetadocs PDF Printer preferences and only enabling your preferred page size. Here are the steps to do this for A4:

  1. Go to 'Printers and Scanners'
  2. Locate and click on the Zetadocs PDF Printer and click on manage, then choose 'Printing Preferences'
  3. On the 'Device Settings' tab, click on 'Edit paper list ...'
  4. Untick the 'Letter' option in the dialog that appears, then click OK.
  5. Select A4 as the paper size on the 'Paper' dropdown (if not already selected)
  6. Click OK

After following these steps, open your Word document and try printing to the Zetadocs PDF Printer. This should now pick up the embedded commands correctly.


Equisys is aware of this issue and will update this technical note when a solution has been found.

Last updated: 21st November 2022 (NT) 

Keywords: Blackice EMF Letter A4

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