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FIX: Zetadocs Fails to search due to "The remote server returned an error 429"



This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs 11.1 on premises installation
  • Zetadocs Extension cloud installation
  • Using SharePoint online as Archiving option for capture
  • Systems which have a large user base or have mulitple document libraries


Users intermittently receive an error message when trying to search or archive in the capture factbox: "Failed to search for documents".

There is an error message in the logs stating:

The remote server returned an error: (429)

After a short period of time, this will clear and the product will work again.


The above error message is being returned from SharePoint online and is due to a SharePoint query limitation. SharePoint Online will limit the amount of requests made each minute.

This throttling limit on SharePoint is based on the amount of licences you have within SharePoint. 

Please see the Microsoft documentation to understand more regarding throttling within SharePoint Online:



To work around this limitation within SharePoint, please reduce the number of queries you make to SharePoint or look at upgrading your licence with SharePoint Online to increase the amount of requests that can be made.

To reduce the amount of queries you make, this could be done in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Reduce the amount of document libaries you have within the SharePoint site you are using for Archiving. Zetadocs will search any document libary which has the 'Zetadocs' content type enabled. Look at reducing the amount of document libaries that we are searching, by combining the documents in to fewer document libaries.
  2. Turn on the option in the general settings "Load without document list to improve page load times". This option will stop Zetadocs from sending a search request when you open a page, this will significantly reduce the amount of queries to SharePoint. Please note, that you will need to manually click the 'refresh' button within the factbox to load the factbox documents for that record.

Last updated: 3rd of February 2023 (BB) 

Keywords: Zetadocs capture, Factbox, failed to search for documents, SharePoint online

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