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HOWTO: Test SMTP on Exchange Online is working for use with Zetadocs



This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs Delivery


This technote will run through the steps to test that you can send SMTP messages through your Exchange Online tenant, without using Zetadocs. This maybe useful to help determine where to focus troubleshooting efforts. This is useful when you are recieving generic errors or failures from within the Zetadocs logs or Zetadocs Outbox.

More information

A simple way of testing sending a message via SMTP is to use PowerShell to send a message. This also allows us to test using Exchange online SMTP servers where it uses secure SMTP, something that would be difficult to do using telnet. To run the test, please follow the below steps:

  1. Open Powershell as an Administrator (Control Panel -> Windows Tools -> Right Click 'Windows Powershell (x86)')
  2. Type the following (Changing the values within <>):

$msolcred = Get-Credential

Send-MailMessage -From <from@email.com> -To <to@email.com> -Subject "Test Email Body Test SMTP Relay Service" -SmtpServer smtp.office365.com -Credential $msolcred -UseSsl -Port 587

The first line of this will give you a prompt to enter the basic authentication for the user you are authenticating to send this message. This account that authenticates needs to have permissions to send on behalf of the email address you specify in the '-From' setting. This will look like this:

Sign in example

If this is incorrect, this wont tell you at this stage, as it's just storing the credentials.

The 'Send-MailMessage' line, you will ned to change the from address and the to address, these are indicated within the <>. Please remove these when testing. If it's sucessful, you shouldn't see any response, you will just need to check the mailbox. It will look like this:

Example of it working

If the test was unsuccessful, you can follow steps in this technical note: HOWTO: Use Zetadocs Delivery with Exchange Online. If this does not work, you may need to contact Microsoft for assistance, as Zetadocs will not function correctly with Exchange Online over SMTP if this test is not successful.

Last updated: 3rd October 2022 (BB) 

Keywords: Troubleshooting, Zetadocs Delivery, Exchange online, SMTP 

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