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HOWTO: Enable Debug logging in Zetadocs PDF Client and Gather Logs



This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadoc PDF Client (All Versions)


This technote will explain how you can enable debug logging in Zetadocs PDF Client & gather logs that you can then send over to Equisys support for further troubleshooting.

More information

First, login to the Zetadocs PDF Client, At the top click on Tools/Options/Diagnostics. Under Log Level select Debug.

After enabling Debug logging please close the client, go to “C:\Users\USER \AppData\Local\Temp\Zetadocs” and clear the folder entirely if it is exists. You can then recreate the issue.

After recreating the issue, a Zetadocs PDF log should have been generated with the Debug logs. This log file will be stored under “C:\Users\USER \AppData\Local\Temp\Zetadocs” File Name (ZetadocsPDF.log)


If asked by Equisys support, please perform the extra log gathering steps below, these steps will allow the creation of temp files before they get processed by an application.

  • Use the Windows search function to find " Printers & Scanners"
  • Then find Zetadocs PDF,  click on Zetadocs PDF which should allow you to go into “printing preferences”, File Format and click “Extract Text to File”.
  • Once you have done this, please remove the file name extension (.exe) of the Zetadocs Client (This will stop it from running) it should be located “C:\Program Files (x86)\Zetadocs PDF/ZdClient”. This step is imporant as if the client starts the Print data will be gone.
    • (If you are not able to see the file name extensions you will need to enable this, please google "How to enable file name extension on windows 10/11 etc) There should be a easy guide on how to do this. If you aren't sure please email us.
  • Once you have done this please print the document to the Zetadocs PDF Printer.
  • This will generate some temp files under C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Temp
    • File Extension names Names
      • user-debug-.log
      • Documents.GRP
      • Dcouments.EMF
      • Documents.TXT
  • Finding theses files can be a little tricky especially when there is a lot of them in your temp folder. You can use the "Date Modified" filter to filter by date and time this should also group these 4 files together.
  • You can also send your entire temp folder (But this can exceed the maximum email size) so you may have to use a third party transfer tool.

After you have gathered the required information, you will need to re-enable the Zetadocs Client. Find the ZdCient application file where you previously removed the .exe name extension and add the .exe extension back in. You should then disable the debug logging in the client.

Last updated: 11th December 2023 (MB)

Keywords: Zetadocs PDF, Logs

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