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HOWTO: Send Customer Statements using the 10072 report.



This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs Extension for Microsoft Business Central


This technote provides details on how to enable users to send Customer Statements using the 10072 report with Zetadocs, as per the Zetadocs for NAV installation guide.

This setup involves modifying the 'Additional Filter' Zetadocs Report Setting so that Customer Statements can be sent.

More information

The following steps will allow customers to send Customer Statement reports.

-    Open the Zetadocs Report Settings List Page.

-    Find the report whose setttings you want to modify e.g. 10072 and open settings for that report.

-    Turn on the 'Enable Additional Filter' setting.

-    In the 'Additional Filter' setting add (?<=Field55=\d\().+?(?=\))

-    Close the Zetadocs Report Settings page.

Test Your System

To test the new settings go to the Customers page and select a Customer. Next go to Actions-> Zetadocs-> Send Statement. On the Report Request page in the 'Date Filter' field enter in the date range/dates you want to send the statement for e.g. 01/07/2020..31/07/2020. Click Ok, and then click Ok again on the Zetadocs Delivery page, the Customer Statement should then be sent.


Last updated: 28th July 2020 (MP)

Keywords: Zetadocs Delivery, Zetadocs Report Settings, Customer Statements


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