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FIX: Zetadocs Server not processing documents when configured by a different user than the user running the service.



This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs Server Version 3.0 and later


The Zetadocs Server is failing to process any documents within the document queues. The ZetadocsDocumentConverter log (found in the temp folder for the user running the service) gives an error about the credentials not being found (see below). 

Verbose    4    CredentialStore.LoadCredentials[55]    No credentials were found for TargetName: ZetadocsSharePoint
Warning    4    CredentialStore.LoadCredentials[71]    UserCredential not found for targetname: ZetadocsSharePoint


The cause of this is that the user running the service may have been changed, resulting in the service running under a separate account from the one that had originally configured the Zetadocs Server. The credentials for SharePoint (that the error is referencing) are stored in the Windows Credential Manager, which is specific to a user profile so are stored in the original configuring user's machine profile. This results in a permission issue whenever the Zetadocs Server tries to communicate with SharePoint. 


This can be resolved by checking which user is running the Zetadocs Server Service, then running and configuring the Zetadocs Server Configuration tool as the same user (either by signing into that machine as the same user or right-clicking the application and selecting 'Run as different user') then populate SharePoint settings and test. Once you restart the Zetadocs Server Service, the logs should no longer throw the 'No Credentials' error and the documents should begin being processed.

If you are still having issues beyond this, please reach out to our support team for further assistance. 


Last updated: 10th February 2023. (MT/NT) 

Keywords: Credential manager

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