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FIX: SharePoint site is currently unavailable or too busy failure when opening Zetadocs Document Queue



This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  •     Zetadocs Delivery & Zetadocs Capture Extension version 3.0.23177 and earlier


The user fails to open the Zetadocs Document Queue with the error message "The SharePoint site is currently unavailable or too busy"



This may be caused in certain higher load situations and SharePoint may start throttling their API as a result.


The Zetadocs Cloud Service has had optimisations applied to reduce the load on communication with SharePoint as part of the July 2023 update. This increases performance and responsiveness for all versions of extensions without need to upgrade.

However, to reduce the load further, Zetadocs Extension 3.0.23209 introduces a pagination mechanism on the Zetadocs Document Queue page. This mechanism allows a restriction to be applied to display a maximum number of documents on the Zetadocs Document Queue page, with an option to display them all (default behavior).

To enable this paging mechanism, please open the Zetadocs System Settings table and add the entry 'DocumentQueueRefreshNumberOfDocuments' with the column 'Number' set to 50 (or the number of documents advised by Equisys Support or your reseller).

To revert to the default of showing all documents, please delete the key or change the number associated to 0.


This behaviour was corrected in the July 2023 update of Zetadocs Delivery & Capture, and the paging mechanism introduced in version 3.0.23209 of the Zetadocs Extension.

Last updated: 1st August 2023 (CR/NT) 

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