Track and recharge project expenses

Capture expenses against jobs

& tasks in Business Central

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Maximize project profitability

Track and recharge travel & entertainment expenses with ease, to help keep project costs within budget and maximize the profitability of projects that are being delivered to clients.

More control

More control

Visibility of staff expenses within Business Central, for both finance teams and project managers, enabling better tracking of project costs against budget and increased project profitability.

Greater accuracy

Greater accuracy

Auto-sync of Business Central jobs & tasks with Zetadocs Expenses, that staff can easily select when submitting their project related expenses – no typos or manual data entry.

Simplicity & convenience

Simplicity & convenience

Easy & quick to submit project expenses using a phone app, which once approved are then visible within Business Central.

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Track & recharge expenses in half the time

Simplify the management of project expenses.

Save time

No manual data entry required to allocate expenses against Business Central jobs & tasks, with much of the pain that comes with manually recording expense costs against projects taken away from finance teams.


Approved expenses visible in Business Central on a purchase invoice or ledger line with the relevant job & task information included – once posted, the relevant job card is updated too.

Designed for Business Central

Automatic synchronization of Business Central jobs & tasks with Zetadocs Expenses, with no need for finance teams to maintain a separate data set.


Available on Microsoft AppSource

You can get the Zetadocs Expenses extension for Business Central from Microsoft AppSource here

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The benefits of smart expense capture

This article delves into the advantages of smart expense capture.

In today's fast-paced business environment, handling expenses can be tedious. Smart expense capture brings a transformative change, offering convenience, accuracy, accessibility, and speedy reimbursement.

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The pitfalls of manual mileage tracking

The challenges associated with manual mileage tracking and the benefits of automating your expense management solution

Manually managing business mileage presents several challenges, both for companies and employees. This blog post analyzes these challenges and identifies how technology can help overcome them.

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