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Award-winning expense management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & Dynamics NAV

On the go expense capture and seamless integration with Business Central and Dynamics NAV: Zetadocs Expenses for a smarter way of working.

Available anytime, anywhere

Available anytime, anywhere

Web and phone apps to take snapshots of receipts and enter expenses, for managers to sign off expense reports whilst on the go, and for claimants to check for themselves when their expenses are approved.

Designed for Business Central and Dynamics NAV

Designed for Business Central and Dynamics NAV

No rekeying required as approved expenses are recorded directly in Microsoft Dynamics as purchase invoices or journals, with vendor, GL, dimension and tax codes already set – so the expenses are ready to reimburse or book to jobs.

Fast, accurate reimbursements

Fast, accurate reimbursements

Reimburse cash payments to staff quickly and efficiently, sparing them frustrating uncertainty and delays; pay for business mileage in private and company cars according to HMRC or IRS rules.

Better management of corporate credit cards

Better management of corporate credit cards

Reconcile payment card statements with ease by matching and creating expenses from card payments rather than entering every payment manually; it's faster for your finance team and for cardholders.

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Puts you in complete control

Puts you in complete control

Set policies for reasonable travel expenses, ensure VAT is fully reclaimed and simplify audits with immediate access to digital receipts and every expense detail.

A cloud solution that updates itself

A cloud solution that updates itself

Rapid to implement with no changes to standard Business Central or NAV objects, no firewall changes, and regular automatic updates without requiring ERP upgrades.

Security and reliability for peace of mind

Security and reliability for peace of mind

Secure access to a scalable cloud service in the Microsoft Cloud that’s designed for reliability and compliance with GDPR and other privacy obligations.

Expert advice when you need it

Expert advice when you need it

Our support teams in the UK & US can explain how Zetadocs Expenses will handle your business processes, and provide advice on how best to move on from spread sheets for expenses.

Finally, expenses software that 

works as hard as you do.

How it works

Created to meet the needs of companies just like yours, Zetadocs Expenses is
simple to use and instantly accessible via our mobile app or the web.

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No matter where you are, accessing Zetadocs Expenses is easy. Use our mobile app or any browser, on any device.

Expense reports are completely paperless, simply snap a photo of your receipt.

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Collect together in moments your expenses for reimbursement and those charged to your corporate credit card, and submit as an expense report for approval. It couldn't be more straightforward.

Use a phone, tablet or PC – there's nothing to set up and no server to manage.

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Zetadocs Expenses checks expense limits so you don't have to. Managers are notified automatically to approve expense reports.

The finance team makes a final check before approved expenses get transferred to the financial system.

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Reconcile and reimburse

Integrating seamlessly with Business Central and Dynamics NAV, Zetadocs Expenses ensures that expenditure is recorded using the expense categories and cost codes used in your business.

Checked expense reports and reconciled credit card statements are exported automatically to Business Central or NAV, saving time rekeying and giving staff visibility of the process to get expenses reimbursed.

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Express edition*
Essentials edition
Plus edition
Expenses with photo receipts
As you incur an expense, enter it on your phone and snap a photo of the receipt, or forward any emailed receipt for online bookings – nothing is forgotten when you submit your expense report later
Private car mileage
Reimburse employees promptly for business mileage in their own cars, with road distances calculated using Google Maps for convenience and to validate mileage claimed
Submit on any device
It’s a fully paperless system: gather up expenses in moments to submit as a report to your manager, then track the approval on your phone or PC so that you stay informed
Approve on browser or phone
Managers get emails for any expense reports needing approval: just click through to review reports – plus automatic reminder emails chase in late approvals, helping streamline the expense management process
Tax compliance
Support for recording of sales tax and VAT on expenses and business mileage aids tax authority compliance, and assists with tax recovery to bring tangible savings
Total visibility
Support for recording of sales tax and VAT on expenses and business mileage aids tax authority compliance, and assists with tax recovery to bring tangible savings
Integrated with Business Central
Once approved and checked, expense reports are exported to Business Central, saving time rekeying and improving visibility to staff of reimbursements
Multi company
Expenses can be entered for any group company using the same currency on a single expense report, and once approved is exported to the corresponding company in Business Central or NAV
Policy enforcement
Limits for each type of expense and vehicle control allowable expenditure, either with warnings for approvers or by preventing expense reports from being submitted
Credit card reconciliation
Export of justified and matched company credit card transactions saves time rekeying each statement line separately into Business Central
Business rules
Set departmental approvers, limit certain expense types and vehicles to specific groups or individual users, and enforce manager approval of each expense item rather than the entire expense report
Company cars
Monthly vehicle reports separate personal mileage from business trips in company cars, recharging for private use with a company fuel card or reimbursing for business mileage, based on fuel rates
Reporting insights
See who incurred what expenses and how, helping you control spend and improve travel and entertainment budgeting that lead to tangible cost savings
Customized export 
Extend the integration using customization to apply additional business logic that records each approved expense in your accounts database in whatever way you need

*The Express edition is free for use by up to 25 named users and is available for Dynamics 365 Business Central online only; an implementation and support plan is available as a chargeable option

Implementation Services available

Ensure predictable outcomes and peace of mind by choosing a fixed-price implementation package. This will ensure your Zetadocs Expenses system is set up correctly and its integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is carried out by professionals.

Implementation is completed swiftly (1, 2 or 3 days, dependent on edition), allowing you to start using the system as soon as possible.

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Zetadocs Expenses is the smarter way to manage expenses

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