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Maximize project profitability with Zetadocs Expenses

Maximize project profitability with Zetadocs Expenses

Visibility of project expenses in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

David Cole

Understanding the profitability of projects is often a difficult and cumbersome process, especially if there is a lack of visibility around all the project costs.

Getting that visibility of all costs is often tricky too, with a study by The Access Group showing 62% of businesses cite "capturing time/costs against projects" as their biggest project management challenge.

Employee travel & entertainment expenses can add significant costs to a project. When these costs are not easily visible to finance teams and project managers, it is likely to limit their capacity to take any timely actions that may be needed to keep projects within budget and profitable.

Ensuring that employee expenses are accurately recorded against jobs & tasks not only enables the effective tracking of project costs against budget, it also helps ensure that project expenses can always be billed back to the client where appropriate – both essential to maximize project profitability.

Using Zetadocs Expenses to maximize project profitability

Zetadocs Expenses, an expense management solution built for Business Central, helps both the project and finance teams to maximize the profitability of the projects being delivered to clients.

The most recent Zetadocs Expenses update includes some enhancements to make capturing project related expenses much easier for both employees and finance teams.

Easily assign expenses to jobs & tasks in Business Central

Employees can easily record their project related expenses by selecting the relevant job and task from drop-down lists that use smart filtering, so that only tasks for the selected job are shown – with the option to use display groups to make it easier to find and select the relevant task.

Zetadocs Expenses jobs and tasks

Once expenses have been submitted and approved, both finance teams and project managers have central visibility of the expenditure in Business Central – shown against the relevant jobs and tasks.

The GIF below demonstrates how Zetadocs Expenses integrates with Business Central:

Automatically import jobs & tasks from Business Central

Jobs & tasks in Business Central can be automatically synced with Zetadocs Expenses on a daily basis, or manually at any time if required – ensuring employees are always selecting from up-to-date lists of jobs & tasks when submitting their project related expenses.

Key benefits

These enhancements benefit both finance teams and employees working on projects:

  • More control for finance teams and project managers, who have visibility of employee expenses related to jobs and tasks within Business Central, enabling them to track these costs effectively and maximize the profitability of projects
  • Greater accuracy in project expense data, since employees select the relevant jobs & tasks from an always up-to-date list when submitting their expenses – avoiding typos and making it less likely that they select the wrong or closest match value
  • Save time for finance teams with no manual data entry needed to allocate expenses against jobs & tasks. Plus, no need for finance teams to maintain separate lists of jobs & tasks in Zetadocs Expenses given the automatic synchronization of this data from Business Central
  • Simplicity & convenience for employees who can submit their expenses with accurate job & task info easily included using an app on their phone, get notified once approved and be reimbursed quickly

Want to find out more?

If you are currently using Zetadocs Expenses, you can find out more in our online help about how to synchronize your Business Central jobs, tasks & dimensions with Zetadocs Expenses.

If you are not yet using Zetadocs Expenses, you can find out more about the solution on our website or Microsoft AppSource.

Either way, please don't hesitate to contact us directly or speak to your Dynamics partner if you would like to discuss your requirements further.

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