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What’s new in Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture February 2022 update

Automated data entry preview

Greg Cole

This article describes the new features and other improvements in the February 2022 update of the Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture Extension for Business Central.

Release date, version and availability 

February 9, 2022 (version 2.0.22027) available for download for on-premises Business Central systems from the release date, and on Microsoft AppSource for Business Central Online systems within ten working days of this release date.

Changes in this update 

Preview features

The following enhancements are enabled on selected accounts only.  This allows channel partners and other users to understand the feature and to give feedback on its implementation before general release.  Please contact Equisys if you wish to use any of these preview features.

Automated data entry

Zetadocs Capture has been enhanced with a ready to go, no-rules, no-templates Automated data entry add-on that intelligently extracts key data and the lines from your vendor invoices. A new Zetadocs screen inside Business Central shows a preview of the Purchase Invoice alongside the original vendor invoice for side-by-side reference before creating the document.

This feature supports the automated creation of Purchase Invoices and Purchase Credit Memos, saving you the time rekeying these documents manually into Business Central. It is supported on Zetadocs Capture Plus Edition and Zetadocs Capture Essentials Edition systems and works best with structured invoices in PDF format.

Quality and performance improvements 

This update includes a number of quality and performance improvements, including the following: 

Unable to add Additional Recipients with names longer than 50 characters

Zetadocs Delivery now supports Additional Recipients with long names. Contact Name and Company Name can be up to 100 characters, the maximum allowed by Business Central.

Blank customer statement sent for customers with a zero balance 

Zetadocs Batch Delivery screen now skips blank records within a batch and no email is sent. For a single send, a message stating that the record is empty is displayed.

Unhelpful error messages when sending fails

Zetadocs Delivery now presents a more helpful error messages when it is unable to send the email due to an invalid email address or when the file size is too big.

Documents FactBox stuck refreshing when archiving disabled

The Zetadocs Documents FactBox now displays a message that archiving is not enabled on the Zetadocs General Settings.

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