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Spotlight on: electronic invoicing

Spotlight on: electronic invoicing

Find out more about our Zetadocs electronic invoicing solution

Bansaree Millward

We are excited to announce the start of our new blog post series, ‘Spotlight on’. In this series we’ll be shining a light onto each of our Zetadocs solutions, for both document management and expense management.

Our Zetadocs Suite of add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV help SMES to streamline their business processes, by reducing dependence on paper and improving the way organizations operate. Solutions such as collections management and sales order processing provide many benefits to users including instant access to information and increased document visibility for users, amongst many more.

Our first post in this series will dive deeper into our electronic invoicing solution.

Our electronic invoicing solution directly delivers invoices electronically from Dynamics 365 Business Central or NAV, reducing document delivery and filing costs as well as increasing overall efficiency.

Watch a short demo by our Technical Account Manager, Alisdair Brooks, to see electronic invoicing in action:

As well as emailing single invoices, Zetadocs can schedule the delivery of personalized batches of invoices, based on recipient requirements and preferences. These can include consolidating duplicate recipients within the batch, setting the ‘from’ address to ensure replies can be received to a shared mailbox and the automatic attachments of documents such as T&Cs and seasonal promotions.

In just a few clicks, our electronic invoicing solution sends out all invoices within a batch or sets up an automated process that runs as a background task. Zetadocs will email the invoices, update Business Central or NAV and archive a copy of each invoice electronically.


There are numerous advantages of implementing our electronic invoicing solution, with the three main benefits listed below:

Send invoices via email

A key benefit of our electronic invoicing solution is the ability to immediately send invoices electronically.

Not only does this reduce document delivery costs (as invoices will now be sent electronically rather than as physical copies), but this also reduces printing, postage and related filing costs. Over time, with multiple customers, these costs can add up to large amounts.

Moreover, by reducing paper from invoicing processes, this in turn lessens your organization’s carbon footprint. With sustainability and environmental impact being an extremely important factor when making business decisions, this is more important than ever before.

Faster invoice payment

Rather than waiting for invoices to be delivered physically, Zetadocs electronic invoicing allows for immediate on-screen access. The quicker the invoice is received, the quicker the invoice can be paid.

This then benefits finance teams by allowing them to stay on top of payments, by enabling better credit control by managing the batch processing of documents.

Instant access to information

Furthermore, shifting invoicing to an electronic process enables multiple stakeholders to access information instantly.

Documents such as incoming emails, faxes, or any other scanned documents can be reached on-screen immediately, dispelling any unnecessary delays. Not only does this increase efficiency, but this also solves the issue of document location.

As more people are working remotely than ever before, on-screen availability enables staff, regardless of whether they are working in the office or not, to access invoices.

As invoices are no longer stored in a physical location, if a certain colleague is not in the office, this doesn’t stop them accessing invoices. Not only does this increase efficiency, but this also reduces the amount of physical space that is required.

Additionally, this also enables customer services teams’ access to information they require without having to first go to finance. Zetadocs ensures customer service staff have copies of all relevant documents for each sale held centrally for search and rapid retrieval, saving both teams time and increasing efficiency.


The Zetadocs electronic invoicing solution enables users to accomplish many tasks and enhances Business Central functionality in a number of ways. We’ll now explain how some of the main features work to achieve these benefits:

Email any report as a PDF

One of the key features of this solution is that it enables users to email reports as PDFs directly from Dynamics. Documents such as invoices or records can easily be sent in a few clicks.

The GIF here shows how simple it is to send a quote from Business Central using Zetadocs:

Use flexible delivery rules

Zetadocs allows customers to use flexible delivery rules to add additional email recipients (TO/CC/BCC) or set the ‘from’ address.

The GIF below showcases how simple it is to create personalized delivery rules based on a customer or vendor, to be used when sending them documents e.g. adding additional recipients when sending purchase orders:

Add attachments automatically

Zetadocs allows users to automatically attach documents to any communications they send out.

This GIF shows how quickly and simply Zetadocs automatically attaches relevant files based on document templates e.g. seasonal promotions:

You can find a full comprehensive features list of this solution in our datasheet.

Digitize today!

As explained throughout this post, implementing electronic invoicing brings about multiple benefits (such as faster payments and instant access to information), as well as increasing business process efficiency.

If you’d like to find out how our electronic invoicing solution could immediately benefit your business processes today, please get in touch!

If you’d rather book in a detailed, personalized demo, fill out the form here and our expert team will be in contact with you very soon!

Carrying on with our Spotlight on series, our next blog post will go in-depth into our remittance advice solution and how this makes your suppliers’ lives easier by sending consolidated remittance advice to let them know when to expect payment or once you’ve paid them.

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