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How can you turn resource headaches into high performing teams?

With the recent upturn in the economy, businesses, in sectors from architecture to design and engineering, are preparing for expansion. In fact, the global construction market is forecast to grow by over 70 per cent by 2025, bringing changes in the international economy and creating new opportunities for the built environment.

Growing a business is exciting. More opportunities means an increase in revenue and profits and with that, the recruitment of new talent. Yet, it’s the age-old problem: add headcount to the roster and see managerial demands increase.

I often meet architects and consulting engineers who have aggressive plans to expand, but they tell me they don’t have the infrastructure in place to cope with the demands of added resource.

When I speak to finance teams – responsible for collating timesheets, analyzing and producing reports for the directors – they say that any team over ten makes it hard to work with a static programme like Microsoft Excel. The issues they face range from chasing unfinished timesheets, duplication of time recorded with paper sheets, manually inputting data, to unlinked spreadsheets (leaving even less room for data errors) and long-winded reporting. In a growing team these challenges are magnified exponentially.

As investment in staffing becomes a priority, directors are more likely to require detailed ROI reports. If your business is growing, don’t let process inefficiencies hold you back.

How to make project management more efficient

Your company can’t grow externally if it’s not growing internally: to address the issues I’ve already set out, you need to revolutionize your infrastructure.

How? By implementing a solution that centralizes spreadsheets, reduces reporting time and increases the speed of entry. Do this, and your business will have the infrastructure foundation it needs to continue to grow.

Equisys’ Timemaster is fast becoming the solution to project management resource issues. It helps managers like you avoid chasing timesheets in three ways:

1. The mobile app gives all employees the right tools to input time and expenses on the move
2. Home screen messages notify employees of their incomplete timesheets
3. The timesheet manager can email employees with incomplete timesheets for a specific week with one ‘send’ click.

Put 15 wasted days per year to work

With the right solutions in place, like with Timemaster, your team saves around 15 working days per year. Without wasting time on inputting, collecting and measuring resource data, your efficiency margin will increase.

Timemaster put to work:

Timesheets are entered by the employee and stored in the software. Say goodbye to paper timesheet trails and manually inputting data.

Need a drill-down report? Timemaster can produce over 220 different reports. You won’t spend valuable time adapting the data to produce what’s required anymore: intelligent reports are already part of the software.

With the global construction market forecast to grow by over 70 per cent, expansion is inevitable. If you have aggressive plans to grow, it’s vital you evaluate your processes. It’s only with a solid infrastructure in place that your business will grow to its full potential.

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