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Be A Time Master

Greg Cole

According to a study by AffinityLive (January 2015), the US economy loses an estimated 50 million hours, or US$7.4 billion a day, in productivity because of incorrect timesheets. And it's not just the US where this is a problem!

You must have seen it: the Friday afternoon rush. People trying to remember what they did over the course of a week in a bid to complete their timesheets. This is not only inaccurate, but causes big problems for you as a manager.

If you’re struggling to motivate your employees to complete their timesheets, and a ‘guestimate’ of time is just not good enough, the answer could lie with the switch of a system.

With complex projects, capacity issues and conflicting priorities, timesheets are often viewed as an added burden. But what if workers could complete their time in a way to suit their preferences? Imagine the impact of carefully collected, measured and intelligent data that could make your team feel, rather than undervalued, that the value of their time and their contribution was crucial. Imagine if, as a manager, you could oversee the time spent on projects by your team, and better understand the needs of each individual as well as the project itself.

Timemaster allows you to do just that. Your team can enter their time from their smartphone, tablet device or, in the office − it’s a customized approach to suit you and your team. To avoid the Friday rush, handy automated prompts are sent to workers to fill out their sheets, and notifications can also be set for managers if the personal-prompt approach is better suited to your company’s culture.

Get a quick and clear view of the bottom line with clever reports which indicate how your team have spent their time, and how their productivity relates to a task, project, campaign or client.

Why do I need a system like this?

  • Problem: repetitive data entry puts off your staff and they are not inputting their time regularly
  • Fix: the simplistic interface encourages staff to enter their time. They trust that inputting their time will be just a two minute job
  • Problem: workers spend their time on meaningless admin that could be self-populating
  • Fix: once a worker is allocated to a task or project it appears in their timesheet lines for its duration
  • Problem: the time inputted does not correlate with the actual time or costs
  • Fix: with this system, the time added populates actual time and actual costs for you rather than estimated resource time and costs.

In other words, if you want the right information to help you allocate your team’s time, without the daily grind of gathering it, first, master time itself.

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