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Constructing Happiness

The link between happiness, profitability and productivity is changing the way we think about work. Do you have the tools you need to make your team happy?

Imagine the world’s happiest workers; now picture them wearing hard hats. Earlier this year TINYpulse surveyed 30,000 employees from more than 500 companies in the 2015 Best Industry Ranking report. It revealed that construction and facility service workers are the happiest employees.

Why? Steady growth, job creation, development opportunities and a competitive salary had a role to play – but crucially, workers were further removed from the reasons employees can be most unhappy.

There are three main areas to avoid when it comes to developing an optimal, happy and productive workplace:

  1. Managers who aren’t supportive
  2. Not having the tools, systems and processes to succeed
  3. No opportunity for professional growth or personal development.

Without a proud and motivated workforce, your company’s growth and innovation could be at risk. According to a recent HBR article, managers need to help employees understand their responsibilities. Are your employees clear what’s expected from them? If not, your project management tools need an overhaul.

While effective processes and systems might not be a strategic priority for your company, when you create tools that work well, you send a positive message to your employees: it’s an efficient place to work and a reputable brand to work for and most of all, it helps instil a sense of pride in your workforce.

In the built environment a large chunk of time is dedicated to completing timesheets and project management administration; so how is it that construction workers – from the same environment – are most happy? It’s simple: managers have the right processes and systems in place, underpinning the work of their front-line staff.

Timemaster helps workers meet these important process demands. It enables managers to set up reports and a template, teams to live track their work and helps everyone understand the impact of their role on a project. It’s through methods like these that workers gain a sense of purpose and accountability for project success.

With a system like Timemaster, you can help your employees understand their targets, the role they play and the impact of the time they spend carrying out their work.

Have you asked your workers how happy they are lately? Do that, and, with the right tools, see productivity and profitability surge.


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