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INFO: Brooktrout TR1034 and TruFax BRI technical note references for Zetafax.



ID: ZTN1400

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Version 9.1 and later
  • Note: Zetafax 2009 and later do not support TR114


This technical note lists other technical notes which may be of interest to users configuring Zetafax with Brooktrout TR1034 and TruFax BRI intelligent fax cards.

More information

ZTN1394-HOWTO Upgrade Brooktrout TR1034 Installations from Zetafax version 8 or 9 Pre SP1.

This technical note is for customers who installed and configured a Brooktrout TR1034 PRI T1/E1 Intelligent fax card with version 9 or earlier.  This means that the card has been configured using a previous version of the Brooktrout API/SDK (Version 2.1.1).

ZTN1395-HOWTO Install and configure Brooktrout TR1034 and TruFax BRI intelligent fax boards.

This technical note describes the installation process for Brooktrout TR1034, and Trufax BRI (Basic Rate ISDN) intelligent fax cards.

ZTN1397-HOWTO Configure older Brooktrout TR1034 PRI boards.

Some older Brooktrout TR1034 boards are not correctly identified by the latest Brooktrout API and the Zetafax Server. These boards need to be added manually using the Brooktrout Configuration Tool in off-line mode. This document describes how to do this.

ZTN1399-INFO Brooktrout Initialisation Error Messages.

This technical note is a list of error and warning messages that may be generated by the Brooktrout initialisation programs BTAINIT.EXE and BTBINIT.EXE when running the Zetafax server program, and suggested resolutions.

ZTN1470-HOWTO: Configure a Brooktrout TR1034 board to support Fax-Over-IP

This technical describes the steps required to configure a Brooktrout TR1034 board so that it can send and receive faxes over IP.  In order to configure Fax-Over-IP with Brooktrout, you will need a TR1034 E1/T1 Brooktrout board that has an IP port on it.

ZTN1475-PRB: Manually configuring channels on the Brooktrout Trufax, TR114 and TR1034 cards

This technical note describes how to manually configure channels on a Brooktrout card to assign different users to different channels and make certain channels incoming or outgoing only.


ZTN1514-PRB: Brooktrout TR1034 and Trufax BRI boards fail to initialise correctly on Windows 2000 and 2003

ZTN1522-PRB: Brooktrout devices fail on server startup

Last updated: 01st June 2009 (LD/MW)

Date published: 09th September 2004 (SV/DH)

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