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HOWTO: Create a BRI trace log for a Brooktrout card



ID: ZTN1287

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version 7.5 up to Zetafax 2008


When troubleshooting issues with Brooktrout TR114 ISDN intelligent fax cards you may be required to create a BRI (Basic Rate Interface) trace log for the technical support team. This document will instruct you how.

More information

First check the size and version of your BFAX.SYS driver. This file is kept in the < Winnt> \bfax folder. Right click the file after you have located it and then check the following:

  1. If the version is 4.3 and the size is 80384 please download the following version of the briconf utility.


If the version is 4.0 and the size is 77408 please download this version of the briconf utility.


  1. Copy these files to the Zfax\server\btrout folder. Please ensure that the Zetafax server is shutdown.
  2. To test the cards for an incoming problem please do the following:

Launch a command prompt (CMD) and navigate to the Zfax\server\btrout folder then type in:

Faxinit -n

Then  type in:

          Briconf -d c

To receive the fax on the first channel please type in this command:

          Fax -u 0 -r rec.fil (to test another channel please substitute the 0 with 1,2 or 3 if you have other               channels you wish to test)

Send a fax to one of the DDI/DID numbers for that fax line.

To end the trace please type in:

          Briconf -d e

A britrace.txt file will be created in the same folder as you are running the test.

To test the card on out bound faxing, please do the following:


                                            Faxinit -n


                                            briconf -d c

                                            fax -u 0 -s [0123456789] > faxrslt1.txt

The trace will be outputted to the name that you specify. To test another channel please substitute the 0 with 1, 2 or 3 depending on the channel you wish to use.

To stop the trace type:

briconf -d e

Last updated: 01st June 2009 (SV/MW)

First Published:  20th July 2003  (IM/SV)

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