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HOWTO: Reinstalling the Mail Rendering Subsystem driver.



ID: ZTN1025

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 5.5 and later.


The Mail Rendering subsystem printer is used by the Zetafax e-mail gateway for rendering attached files.  This document gives some guidelines on how to check that the Mail Rendering Subsystem printer is installed and functioning correctly, and how to remove and reinstall it if required.

More information

Verify that you are able to send text messages O.K through the e-mail gateway before continuing and then check the following.

  • The version number of Zetafax as reported by the workstation.
  • Is Zetafax running as a service? If it is running as a service and it will not render attachments.


  • Stop the Zetafax service.
  • Start the Zetafax program as an application.

Now check to see if the e-mail gateway will render attachments.

If Zetafax will still not render attachments check the following.

  • Is the Mail rendering subsystem (MRS) set as the default printer? (Pre 6.00b)
  • What version of the application is installed on the Server, make sure that this application is installed under the rendering option of the e-mail gateway.

If Zetafax still does not render...


Open a word document in WORD and print it to the Mail Rendering Subsystem printer (MRS)

Check to see what is written to the zfax\MAIL\ST subdirectory, where 'zfax' is the name of the directory where the Zetafax server files are installed.

If a *.TIF file is written to the ST directory file. Try and open the file with Imaging and see if the file opens O.K. If the file does not open O.K record and error messages reported.

Rename the file to a .g3f extension and try and open the file with the Zetafax viewer.

If you are not able to open the file O.K. and if it does not look like a fax of the document that you printed...


Open the document in word and this time print it to the Zetafax Printer... check to see that it prints O.K to the Zetafax Printer.

IF it does not print O.K to the Zetafax printer


You will need to re-install the Zetafax workstation on the Zetafax Server.

To re-install the Zetafax Workstation on the Zetafax Server

Make sure that the Zetafax server service is set to manual and that the service is stopped.

Run the workstation setup and choose the uninstall option.

Go to start menu / printers and delete MRS, Zetafax FaxMerge Printer and Zetafax Printers if they are still there.


Run regedt32 and delete any keys that have references to Zetafax Printer, Zetafax FaxMerge Printer and Mail Rendering Subsystem from the PRINTERS and MONITORS section.

This will normally be in




Now go to the WINNT directory and find a similar set of the following files. These are an example of the files that relate to NT4.0









On other systems the file names above may be different and could be named as follows:

Img [fx/fb/fy/fw/cl/cw/sv/sa] [4/5/6/7/8/9/M] [DR/DU/UI/MN/MU/PR] .dll

E.g. Imgfb6dr.dll, Imgfx8mn.dll, Imgsv5ui.dll etc..

Delete all occurrences of these files that appear in the \WINNT directory and \System32 subdirectory or any subdirectories of \system32. DO NOT delete any other files whose filenames begin with img, as these are part of the OS

  1. RESTART the Zetafax server machine.
  2. Reinstall the Zetafax Workstation - make sure that the Zetafax server is stopped and NOT running before you do this.
  3. Run the Zetafax configuration programme and reinstall the Mail Rendering Subsystem by clicking on the rendering Tab.
  4. Verify that there are now three printers showing in the printer's section.
  5. Restart the Zetafax server as an application and try and send an attachment from your e-mail client.


For additional information on debugging the Zetafax e-mail gateway, please see the following Zetafax technical notes:

ZTN1065-INFO Enabling detailed logging within Zetafax

Last updated: 14 Oct 2005 (BM) (GC/GW)

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