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FIX: Disabling the Zetafax client splash screen may stop the Zetafax client from running.



ID: ZTN1263

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Version 6 and later


When the Zetafax client starts, the Equisys Zetafax Client splash screen appears while the application is loading. It is possible to disable the splash screen by starting the Zetafax application with the command line switch "/Q".

After setting the command line switch on the Zetafax Client program group item, the Zetafax client may no longer start and no error or warning is displayed.


The "/Q" switch disables all user interaction and sets the start-up of the client into quiet mode. If under normal circumstances the user is prompted for their Zetafax account name then the dialogue is no longer presented and the client will not run.


There are 3 workarounds:

  1. Do not use the "/Q" switch where the users are prompted to enter the Zetafax logon account name.
  2. Set the "Network Logon" ID for a Zetafax user to match the users logon ID. This will allow the client to start without being prompted for the Zetafax account details.
  3. Under Workstation Set-up on the Zetafax Client, select Advanced Configuration.  On the Zetafax Installation Dialog select Edit Configuration - advanced settings after installation and put the Zetafax username in the field provided. This will no longer prompt the client to enter their Zetafax user name.


This has been resolved by Equisys in version 10 of Zetafax.

Last updated: 17 October 2005 (DH/SV)

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