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HOWTO: Delivering received faxes via e-mail without using the e-mail gateway



ID: ZTN1008

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 5.5 and later.


The Zetafax Server can be configured to forward all inbound faxes directly to a user's e-mail Inbox.  This is usually done using the Zetafax E-mail Gateway, which also supports sending faxes directly from your e-mail system. 

However, Zetafax can also do this without the gateway using a software interface called MAPI to communicate with supported e-mail systems.  This might be used if you were unable to use the gateway for some reason (e.g. if not permitted to install an Exchange connector, or using an unsupported e‑ mail system).

More information

Exchange is a popular e-mail system that supports MAPI.  This document's intended purpose is to explain the basic setup and account relationships needed to make it work correctly.

  1. Create an account for the Zetafax Server in the NT domain.
  2. Create a mailbox for the Zetafax Server on the exchange server. When you have created this account Exchange will insist that you associate an NT domain account with the exchange mailbox account.
  3. From the exchange client running on the server you must create a mail profile for the Zetafax Server created in 2.
  4. Launch the Zetafax configuration program (ZFSETUP.EXE) and select change server settings | Mail.
  5. Select Microsoft Exchange as the mail type and the profile (you created earlier) as the mail user profile.
  6. Click on test to test the connection. If successful click on OK and quit the configuration program.
  7. Because the NT domain account determines the security for the exchange mailbox, it is very important that the machine running the Zetafax Server is logged on as the NT domain account that has been associated with the Exchange mailbox you are using.  If you are running the Zetafax Server as an NT service you must make sure that the service is logged on as this account also.


For additional information on Zetafax integrating with Mail systems, please the 'E-Mail Gateway' section of the Zetafax Setup help.

Last updated: 13 October 2005 (BM) (GC/GW)

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