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HOWTO: Registering Zetafax when the 28 day period has expired



ID: ZTN1383

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax to Zetafax 2007


When you install/reinstall Zetafax, or add an upgrade or an add-on licence, the Zetafax software must be registered within 28 days. If the registration fax is not sent within this period, then the Zetafax software will stop sending faxes.   However, if you were not able to send faxes within these 28 days, you need to fix this technical issue first by either consulting http://www.equisys.com/support/knowledgebase/ or by contacting support@equisys.com prior to registering.

More information

The registration fax can be sent at any time before or after the 28 day period provided that the fax device is available and working, and provided one successful fax has already been sent. The registration fax can be sent from any Zetafax client, using the Help | Register Now option.

Once the registration fax has been sent successfully, the whole system is registered automatically.

If the registration fax fails, the user can check the info on that fax to see why it failed. Simply highlight the failed fax (it shows a red cross next to) and click on Info. This will show the reason for the failure and further information is given in the transmission report. The user can retry the registration fax by simply resubmitting it.

If the registration fax continues to fail, please contact support@equisys.com


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Last updated 10 July 2008 (MW/JW)

Date published 25 June 2004 (CB/SV)

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