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HOWTO: Upgrading from a trial system to a full version



ID: ZTN1312

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax v7.5 to v2007


This document describes how to install a full Zetafax licence while retaining all the settings you configured with the trial system.

More information

If you have successfully trialled Zetafax and wish to retain settings such as users, devices and e-mail gateway functionality when upgrading to the full version please follow the instructions below:

  1. Stop the Zetafax server service.
  2. Launch the Zetafax configuration console and navigate to Licensing and Registration.
  3. Right-click on Licensing and Registration and select Modify/Upgrade License Details.
  4. Overtype the trial license with the new starter system license number you have received.
  5. Click on next and enter the software assurance license number, if you have purchased one.
  6. On the License user details dialog, please make sure that all the correct information is filled in and select the options you want on the Data Protection dialog.
  7. Select the relevant registration center for your country and click on Finish.
  8. Restart the Zetafax server.
  9. Launch any Zetafax client and send a fax (anywhere). 
  10. Once this fax has been sent successfully, you will be prompted to register. 
  11. When the registration fax has been sent successfully you will be automatically registered and can start using the system as before.


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Last updated: 10/07/2008 (MW/JW)

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