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HOWTO: Manually Installing Exchange 2013 Server-Side Components.



ID: ZTN 1956

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 2012
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013


Zetafax will be updated to add support for Exchange 2013, in a release in Q4 2013. Customers who wish to use Zetafax with Exchange 2013 ahead of that release can do so by following a manual installation process. This technical note documents the manual steps required to configure the Exchange Server and Active Directory to allow the Zetafax Server to function with Exchange Server 2013.


Installation Information

Access to an Exchange Mailbox Server is required for the installation steps to enable delivery of faxes between Zetafax and Exchange.

Folder actions

  • Create an intermediate drop directory for fax messages to be sent to (e.g. C:\Program Files\Zetafax Exchange 2013\drop\) and share the folder.
  • In the drop directory, create a folder named badmail to store any potentially corrupt messages.
  • Share out the pickup directory in TransportRoles\Pickup in the Exchange 2013 install directory of the Mailbox Server (e.g. C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange\v15\TransportRoles\Pickup).

NOTE ON SHARING: sharing requires authenticated users (i.e. the Zetafax Server machine) to have read and write permissions enabled, otherwise, fax messages will get stuck in the queue.

Setting up an Active Directory Connector Object:

  • Run the Exchange Management Shell.
  • Run the following commands:
    • Exchange Server Name> ” –AddressSpaces “fax:*”
      • < Exchange Server name> is the machine name of the Mailbox Server you are using e.g. 2013server.
      • e.g. New-foreignconnector –Name “Zetafax Exchange Connector 2013server” –AddressSpaces “fax:*”
    • Set-foreignconnector –Identity “Zetafax Exchange Connector < Exchange Server Name> ” –DropDirectory “< drop directory path> ” –DropDirectoryQuota 100MB
      • < Exchange Server name> is the machine name of the Mailbox Server you are using e.g. 2013server
      • < drop directory path> is the network path to the shared drop directory created in a previous step e.g. \\2013server\drop
      • e.g. Set-foreignconnector –Identity “Zetafax Exchange Connector 2013server” –DropDirectory “\\2013server\drop” –DropDirectoryQuota 100MB

Setting Up Cached Mode Compatibility

To enable the fax connector for Outlook clients running in cached mode, a fax recipient must be set up from the Exchange Server.

  • Run the Exchange Management Shell.
  • Run the following commands:
    • New-MailContact –ExternalEmailAddress:’FAX:*’ –Name:’Zetafax’ –Alias:’Zetafax’ –OrganizationalUnit:’< your organizational unit> ’ -DisplayName:’Zetafax’ –FirstName:’Zetafax’
      • < your organizational unit> is the organizational unit that was specified during set up of the Exchange server.
  • The Offline Address Books need to be updated to reflect the additional Zetafax recipient. This should be done with the following steps in Exchange Management Shell:
    • Call Get-OfflineAddressBook to retrieve a list of address books available to the server.
    • Call Update-OfflineAddressBook –Identity “< address book name> ” for each offline address book listed on the previous step, where < address book name> is the name of the offline address book.

NOTE: If faxes return with a Non-Delivery Report, restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service on the Exchange server.

Additional Setup Options

For administrators wishing to use the functionality found in the Zetafax tab within Active Directory Users and Computers, please run the schema update utility (ZFSchemaUtil.exe) beforehand (found in the product download in \Zetafax\Exchange Server 2010\ZFSchemaUtil.exe or installed in \Zetafax\ex10cnctr\Program Files 64\Zetafax Exchange 2010\ZFSchemaUtil.exe), using a Schema Admins account.

The Zetafax tab is enabled by registering the files ZfuSnapIn2K10.dll and ZfcAd.dll found in the product download in \Zetafax\ Exchange Server 2010\ or installed in Zetafax\ex10cnctr\Program Files 64\Zetafax Exchange 2010\.

Copy the 2 files to C:\Program Files\Zetafax Exchange 2010\.

Use these commands in Start > Run to register the DLL files:

  • regasm < path> \ZfuSnapIn2K10.dll
    • From the command line, go to the folder: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727
    • Run the following command: regasm < path> \ZfuSnapIn2K10.dll
  • regsvr32 < path> \ZfcAd.dll

NOTE: schema changes are irreversible once performed. Please ensure that you are happy with these schema changes being applied to your Active Directory setup.

Last updated: 29th  December 2014 (NT/MW)

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