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FIX: Error 'Unable to create archive file' on systems with in-folder format conversion enabled



ID: ZTN2080

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 2011 to Zetafax 2014
  • Systems with in-folder format conversion enabled


When a fax is sent or received, the Zetafax server log contains the following logged error message:

QUEUEMAN (E) Unable to create archive file

Opening the file SERVER.LOG with a text editor shows that the error message includes an additional space character at the end of the line.

This issue occurs on systems which have in-folder format conversion enabled.  This feature is enabled when one or both of the following option lines are present in the Zetafax configuration file SETUP.INI:

ConvertSent: YES
ConvertReceived: YES


This issue is caused by a software logic error in the feature to include the first page of the fax on the printed status page, which was introduced in the Zetafax 2011 release.  The error affects systems which have in-folder format conversion enabled for received faxes.

In-folder format conversion is a feature of the Zetafax Automation Toolkit.  It is one of the options which is used by programs which are processing received faxes, and need Zetafax to convert these from the native TIFF file format used by Zetafax to another file format (e.g. PDF) before processing.

The error does not affect system functionality, and the system continues to function correctly.  However some users may prefer to stop these error messages, to reduce the chance of real errors being missed.


The error messages do not affect system functionality, so some users may prefer to leave the system unchanged.  However if you wish to stop the errors occurring there are two options to do this.

Option 1 – disable inclusion of the first fax page on automatically printing transmission reports

If you are not using automatic printing of sent or received faxes, or are willing to print transmission status pages without including the first page of the fax, then you can alter the printed page format to remove the fax image by adding the following option to the Zetafax configuration file SETUP.INI:

PrintFaxOnStatusPage: NO

This option only affects automatic printing by the Zetafax Server, and only when the printing option chosen is for that transmission status page only.  It does not affect printing of full fax messages, or printing from the Zetafax client.

Option 2 – disable in-folder format conversion

If the application which is processing received faxes does not require in-folder format conversion, or if you are not using an automated application, then you can disable in-folder format conversion by changing the settings lines in the Zetafax configuration file SETUP.INI as follows:

ConvertSent: NO
ConvertReceived: NO

If you are using an application from a third party supplier you should check with the supplier before making this change, as it may affect correct operation of the application.


This issue has been confirmed by Equisys as an issue in the software versions given above.  It will be corrected in a future release.

Last updated: 6th January 2015 (GW/NT)

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