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FIX: Delay before aborting fax transmission with Brooktrout devices



This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Brooktrout device controller version 17.5.1262 or earlier
  • Brooktrout fax boards or Zetafax FoIP Connector (SR140 Edition)


When using Zetafax with Brooktrout fax boards or the Zetafax FoIP Connector (SR140 Edition), after aborting a fax which is currently being sent the server may send additional pages in some cases, instead of stopping transmission at the end of the current page.

The number of additional pages sent depends on the amount of text on each page, the quality (resolution) of the transmission, and the number of pages remaining when the fax is aborted.  For a typical high-resolution fax, transmission will stop at the end of the current page if aborted with 3 or more pages remaining.  However, this increases for standard resolution faxes with little text on each page, in which case transmission may continue for 50 or more pages after aborting the fax.


The Brooktrout device controller has been updated to improve the way it handles abort requests.  When sending a fax it now checks whether an abort request has been received at the end of each transmitted page, and aborts the transmission immediately if so.

This also improves the behaviour of the device controller when shutting down or restarting the Zetafax Server, causing the server to shut down more quickly than previously if any devices are currently sending faxes.

An update for the Brooktrout device controller is available for Zetafax version 17.5 systems.  Customers running Zetafax version 17.5 systems can correct this issue by installing the update.  Customers running older Zetafax versions should upgrade to Zetafax version 17.5 before installing the update.


This issue has been corrected in the update detailed above.

Last updated: 24th July 2019 (GW/NT) 



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