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FIX: Intermittent error 'Call not answered' when sending a fax using Brooktrout SR140 with driver version 6.12.0



This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Server Version 17.5 and earlier with Brooktrout SDK version 6.12.0


In certain cases, users may experience errors when sending faxes using the Brooktrout 6.12.0 drivers, with the following lines logged on the Zetafax Server Monitor:

BTB-G1-1 - (I) - Call not answered

BTB-G1-1 - (E) - Error with connection to remote host


This was due to a bug in the Brooktrout 6.12.0 SDK which was subsequently patched by Dialogic in a later version (6.12.1 onwards).


This fault was corrected in the Brooktrout 6.13.2 SDK update available here. This hotfix contains an update to the Dialogic drivers that resolves the reported issue.


This behaviour was corrected in the hotfix detailed above.

Last updated: 15th December 2020 (NT) 

Keywords: Dialogic SR140 call fail

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