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PRB: ‘Failed to authenticate’ error when using the Zetadocs Documents Factbox or Search SDK



This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs NAV v7.1 or later
  • SharePoint Online / On Premise


When attempting to open a page with the Zetadocs Document Factbox and accessing a SharePoint (online or on premises), a dialog appears with the following message: Failed to authenticate. Unable to login. Please check your username and password.

When clicking OK on this dialog, an authentication prompt appears, and on inputting the correct credentials for a user account, the Factbox is empty.

This also occurs when using the Zetadocs Search SDK functionality to retrieve and attach related documents to a report.


There can be a range of different reasons for seeing this issue, ranging from incorrect user details to incorrect information being uploaded. Please go through the steps below to see what is the cause of this.


Please try the following steps:

1.     Confirm user has access to SharePoint and has the rights to drag and drop a document:

                      I.        Log into SharePoint.

                     II.        Browse to the Zetadocs Document Library.

                    III.        Drag and drop a document

2.     Confirm that the record you are archiving to is correctly setup:

                      I.        Confirm that the Customer/Vendor name has no spaces or special characters (also not visible characters).

                     II.        Test using a customer/vendor name which has no special characters or spaces and confirm if this works.

3.     If you are using SharePoint Online:

                      I.        Confirm that the administrator has carried out the first login to SharePoint as an Azure AD administrator to register the Zetadocs for NAV application.

                     II.        Confirm that the account which runs the NAV service has access to the SharePoint Online site and can upload documents.


This has been identified as a problem and we will update this technote when we have a resolution.

If you have gone through the above steps and you are still experiencing the issue, please get in touch with technical support at https://www.equisys.com/Support/Getting-support-in-uk or by emailing support@equisys.com

Last updated: 26th April 2018 (BB) 

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