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PRB: 'Extension ZFMBxAdmin could not be loaded' is reported when viewing mailbox properties in Exchange administrator.



ID: ZTN1286

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax


This document details issues in previous versions of Zetafax that have been addressed in this release of Zetafax.

Issues fixed in this release

Zetafax Server

  1. The queuing and processing  of messages by the QUEUEMAN and EPSTIFF modules has been speeded up so systems with large number of fax lines should benefit from higher throughput of faxes.
  2. The Euro symbol (€) doesn't work on subject line or coversheet.
  3. Updated CAPI device controller resolves issues with some faxes being sent with errors.
  4. Intermittently the Zetafax server crashes when a SMS is received.

Zetafax Exchange 2000 Connector

  1. The Zetafax Exchange was unable to detect users in child domains.

Zetafax Client

  1. When sending a new text message the text from the previous message would still be in the message text field, requiring the user to delete it before composing their new message.
  2. Users were unable to print groups from Address Book searches.
  3. When sending Multi-Doc faxes to more than 50 recipients any subsequent single-document faxes would have the extra documents appended for recipients 51 and onwards.
  4. When printing a document with tables or embedded fonts the resultant fax image has misaligned tables or improper font scaling in Windows 98.
  5. When importing fax addresses from Outlook Contacts the Zetafax Client assumes that two addresses are the same if the first 12 characters of the name match – even if the actual fax number is different.

Terminal Services

  1. The ZFDaemon program is now installed locally (to the Zetafax Program Files folder) when installing the Client. This avoids the problem where if the Zetafax Server is on a different computer to the Terminal Server and users would get a warning message on starting a session because the ZFDaemon program file was on a different machine.

Zetafax SMTP server

  1. When used with some SMTP servers (E.g. Microsoft Exchange 2000) the Zetafax SMTP server sometimes mail sockets may be left open when passing received messages to the mail server.
  2. Potential problem resolving the IP address of a SMTP mail server when host file are used instead of DNS.
  3. When using Netscape or Mozilla mail clients to send faxes they are some times rejected.

Zetafax Web client installation

The Zetafax web client has been updated to use the Microsoft .Net framework version 1.1 so it will now install on and run on a domain controller, resolving the issues outlined in the technical note ‘ZTN1250-PRB Web Client will not run on a Domain Controller’.

Updates included in this release

This update introduces two new features with the Zetafax client and printer.

  • Zetafax printer support with Windows 2003 Terminal Services.
  • Embedded addressing support for Windows 2000/2003 Terminal Services installations.


The problems mentioned above have been corrected with version of Zetafax. This is a free upgrade to customers with a version 8 license and a purchasable upgrade for users with a previous installation of Zetafax.

Please contact Equisys Technical Support if you have any questions about installing or using this update.

Zetafax is distributed in many other countries please refer to the Equisys website http://www.equisys.com/ for details of your local supplier.


Phone: 020 7203 4000 (Intl +44 20 7203 4000)

Fax: 020 7203 4005 (Intl +44 20 7203 4005)

Email: sales@equisys.com


EQUISYS Inc - USA and Canada

Phone: (770) 772 7201

Fax: (770) 442 5789

Email: sales@zetafax.com



ZTN1247-FIX € (Euro) character is replaced by an invalid character on coversheets.

ZTN1114-FIX Printing to the Zetafax Printer causes documents to lose formatting.

ZTN1149-HOWTO Enabling 'Print to Fax' with published applications in Windows 2000 2003 terminal services.

Last updated: 18th June 2003 (GES/SV)

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