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INFO: Zetafax server files and folders not covered by Enhanced Security



ID: ZTN1307

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 8.0.1 or later.


Zetafax 8.0.1 included a new feature 'Enhanced Security' which allows System Administrators to apply security to their Zetafax Installations automatically. The security essentially consists of restricting access to folders and files within the Zetafax File structure using NTFS file permissions.

There are a number of folders whose location is configurable and although the default settings are within the Zetafax file structure it is possible (and in some cases necessary) for users to change their location to be outside the Zetafax Server file structure.

If this is the case then the Enhanced Security will not be applied to these folders and System Administrators may want to consider manually applying security to these folders themselves.

More information

Folders which may be configured to be outside the Zetafax Server File structure include: -

The LCR Inbox where message requests from remote Zetafax Servers are received. The default is


Where Zfax is the location of the Zetafax server files.

The Submit file folder polled the ZSUBMIT file submitter program. The default is


The Archive folders where old faxes are saved, by default these are located in,



The HPSCAN folder, which is normally created by the administrator and specified in Zetafax configuration.

In order to allow the Zetafax Server to operate the 'Zetafax Admins' Group will need "Full Control" level access on theses folders, the HPSCANNER will need "Full Control" on its folder, any remote Zetafax Servers will need write access to the LCR Inbox folder. No other Account or Group needs to be given access unless the System Administrator specifically requires it.

Last verified: 15 December 2005 (MS)

First Published: 7 August 2003 (GES/SV)

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