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INFO: How to report a problem with the Zetadocs PDF Client



ID: ZTN3592

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs PDF
  • Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics GP


This document describes the recommended steps to report a problem with the Zetadocs PDF Client to the Equisys support team. If you are presented with an error message, for example: “Zetadocs has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” On clicking the details button further information will be displayed on the error as shown below, follow the steps detailed below to report the issue to the Equisys.

  • On clicking OK the Zetadocs Client will close.
  • You can then restart the client and continue with your work as normal.
  • Should you wish to report the issue to find a solution simply follow the steps below.
More Information
This technote will guide you through the process of reporting a problem with Zetadocs PDF to technical support. Firstly you need to locate the information relevant to helping us resolve your query, and then find the best source of technical support in your region.

Gathering Relevant information:

  • The version number of the Zetadocs PDF Client.
    • Navigate to Start > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program. A list of all installed software will be displayed.
    • Locate the program named “Zetadocs PDF” and write down the version number.
  • If you are using stationery(s), browse to your stationery location and include the corresponding stationery file (extension .zds).
  • Logging and configuration files.
    • The Zetadocs PDF client stores information into a logging file and a configuration file which help the support team troubleshooting errors.

These files are located at the following location for Zetadocs PDF version 7 and below:

          C:\Users\< USERNAME> \AppData\Local\Equisys\Zetadocs PDF\Zetadocs PDF.log

          C:\Users\< USERNAME> \AppData\Local\Equisys\Zetadocs PDF\Zetadocs PDF.config

  • These files are located at the following location for Zetadocs PDF version 8 and later:


          C:\Users\< USERNAME> \AppData\Local\Equisys\Zetadocs PDF\Zetadocs PDF.config

Identifying your Zetadocs Partner contact:

The following links will provide you with the contact information to use to report your problem depending on your software package and region. Simply select the relevant link below and input your country to find the correct Zetadocs partner:

For Zetadocs PDF users: http://www.equisys.com/partners/find_partner/zetadocs_partner.html

For Zetadocs for NAV/GP users: http://www.equisys.com/partners/find_partner/zetadocs_navgp_partner.html

Alternately, you can contact the Equisys support teams:

            European office:           support@equisys.com

            United States office:     support@usa.equisys.com

Last updated: 12th October 2011 (SD/MW)

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