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HOWTO: Update a Zetafax server licence.



ID: ZTN1422

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version 8 and previous versions


Your original licence has been cancelled, and you've been issued a new starter licence by Equisys. You want to install the new Zetafax licence whilst keeping your configuration and original settings.

More information

In very special and rare cases (and after being in contact with the Sales team), you may be issued a new starter licence number. When you update Zetafax to reflect the licensing change, please follow this procedure to make sure you keep your original settings and configuration.

The new starter licence number is usually the latest version. All old licences must be discarded / destroyed.

1- Put in the CD (usually the latest version)

2- Choose Install Zetafax

3- Choose Install Zetafax Server

4- Upgrade selected files

5- You get a box of options, choose Program Files and Fonts and also Licence File. (Do not tick any other option).

6- Carry on till you are asked to put in the new correct licence (s).

7- Register Zetafax, using the Zetafax client, Help, Register Now.


ZTN1067 FIX: Zetafax UK registration centre number change.

ZTN345-HOWTO: Zetafax prompts you to Register Zetafax then notifies you it's already registered.

ZTN1375-HOWTO: Register now is greyed out.

Last updated: 25June 2004 (CB/SV)

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