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PRB: "Could not find the Global Address List container" error when importing users from Exchange 2003



ID: ZTN1421

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 8.0 and later


When trying to import the users from Exchange 2003, you may receive the following error in the MAPIEXP window:

"Could not find the Global Address List container"

This problem occurs if the Zetafax Server and Email Gateway are installed on the same machine as Microsoft Exchange 2003.


The Zetafax MAPI export utility (MAPIEXP) uses the default MAPI profile on the Zetafax Server. This default profile is usually configured by Microsoft Outlook. However, there are known incompatibilities between Outlook and Exchange 2003, as described in the following Microsoft technical note:

828050 - You Receive a Warning Message or You Cannot Start Outlook on a Computer That Is Running Small Business Server and Exchange Server

As the MAPIEXP utility relies on the Outlook profile to retrieve the global address list from Exchange, it is unable to work on a machine with Exchange 2003 installed.


To work around this problem, you need to export the users from another machine, and copy the result back to the Zetafax Server, by following this procedure (where < zfax> is the path to the Zetafax Server's root folder):

  1. Copy the file MAPIEXP.EXE from < zfax> \MAIL on the Zetafax Server machine, to a workstation machine. Check that the workstation has Outlook installed and configured to open any mailbox on Exchange 2003.
  2. Run MAPIEXP.EXE on the workstation machine. Amend the Filename section to save the output file, MAILUSER.DAT to a location you can easily find again.

  1. Click on Export to create the configuration file MAILUSER.DAT
  2. Copy the MAILUSER.DAT to < zfax> \SYSTEM\Z-DB.
  3. Open the Zetafax Configuration on the Zetafax Server machine and enable users as per the instructions in the manual or online help.

Note: DO NOT at any time attempt to refresh the email user list in the Zetafax Configuration, as this will overwrite MAILUSER.DAT with a blank file.

You will need to repeat the steps above whenever you want to add new users to Zetafax.


This has been identified by Equisys as a problem with the software versions given above.

Last updated: 23 June 2004 (EB/SV)

Keywords: Exchange 2003 Mapiexp MAPI import e-mail

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