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HOWTO: ‘Links’ section is not showing for exported expense reports within Business Central



This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Business Central & Zetadocs Expenses


The purpose of this technote is to outline the steps of how to personalize Business Central, in order to show the ‘Links’ section for exported expense reports.

The 'Links' section operates as a direct link to the expense report you have exported from expenses, alowing you to navigate back to the expense report with ease from the Purchase Invoice or Posted Purchase Invoice in Business Central. This is something that is automatically done at the point of export and requires no configuration in expenses to setup.

This technote will guide you through the steps involved to ensure this section is displayed within Business Central rather than being hidden by default. 

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The steps for personalizing your Business Central tenant in order to display the 'Links' section are outlined below:

  1. Navigate to either ‘Purchase Invoices’ or ‘Posted Purchase Invoices’ within Business Central
  2. Highlight a purchase invoice from the list and on the right of the page you will see a section outlining ‘Details’ and ‘Attachments’ – click the attachments tab

  3. Open Settings in Business Central and select Personalize

  4. You will now see the ‘Links’ section crossed out as it’s hidden, if you left-click within the crossed out area (it will highlight once you hover the cursor over it) you will see an option to ‘Show’ within the dropdown – select this and left-click ‘Done’ in the personalizing ribbon at the top of the page to save the change to Business Central.


In order to reverse the change, you can repeat the process but hide the 'Links' section instead of showing it. If you have any questions or require assistance with this, please reach out to support@equisys.com quoting the technote number ZTN6021


Last updated: 1st July 2022 (MT) 

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