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FIX: Export fails with VAT rate mismatch error on UK systems



This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs Expenses
  • Extension for Business Central (versions 1.2020049 to 1.2.20099)
  • Connector for NAV (version 3.4.20071 and later)
  • UK systems


When exporting a report including two or more expenses with reclaimable VAT from Zetadocs Expenses to Business Central or NAV, the export fails and the report history shows an error similar to the following:

Export of reimbursable expenses failed. Error exporting expense ID 123. Sales Tax / VAT amount calculated with keys NATIONAL VAT20 does not match the expected amount. Check the sales tax rate configuration. [ERR_InvalidDataVatMismatch]

Checking the Tax Details screen in Business Central for that company shows that the percentage rates match the configuration settings in the Zetadocs Expenses system.

Further information

When Zetadocs Expenses exports a report to Business Central or NAV, it compares the tax amount which is calculated by Business Central or NAV to the amount it is expecting.If the difference is greater than a set amount then the export fails and the error given above is added to the report history.

In some cases the calculated amount may be slightly different to the expected figure – typically £0.01 different on a UK system.This happens when the VAT amount on earlier lines is not exact so that the cumulative total for the purchase invoice is correct.

Earlier versions of the Extension for Business Central and the NAV Connector allowed a fixed difference of £0.01 without any error.In the versions detailed above this behaviour was changed to use the “Invoice Rounding Precision” system setting instead.However on systems where this is set to zero the export will fail if this correction behaviour occurs.


This issue may be correcting by doing one of the following:

Option 1 – change the Invoice Rounding Precision setting. 

  • In Business Central display the General Ledger Setup page, then change the Inv. Rounding Precision setting from 0.00 to 0.01.
  • In NAV display the General Ledger Setup page, then on the General FastTab change the Inv. Rounding Precision fields from 0.00 to 0.01.

Option 2 (for Business Central systems using the Extension only) – upgrade the Zetadocs Extension

  • Upgrade the Zetadocs Extension for Business Central to version 1.2.20160 or later.  This changes behaviour so that a difference of 0.01 between the calculated and expected VAT amount is permitted even if the Invoice Rounding Precision setting is set to zero.


This issue will not occur on Business Central systems using the latest version of the Zetadocs Expenses Extension, and can be corrected on other systems by following the instructions in this technote.


Last updated: 17 June 2020 (GW) 


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