Make your employees' lives easier

with expense management for HR

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Delight your employees by simplifying expenses

Take the hassle and complexity out of expenses for everyone, enable fast reimbursement and help to keep employees happy and motivated. 

Improved satisfaction

Improved satisfaction

Employees can submit expenses rapidly using a mobile app, with no rekeying of receipt and card transaction information required by finance teams.



Give employees more options within your HR platform to help drive more usage and raise the profile of the services offered by the HR department.

Less complexity

Less complexity

Zetadocs Expenses offers a single interconnected expense management system that employees can access instantly and use with ease.


We saw a 50% reduction in the time needed to submit monthly expenses. To be able to do your expenses on-the-go and as you incur them is such an improvement, and the user interface is really simple.

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Improved employee satisfaction

Provide your employees with a modern expense management solution that reduces frustration and saves time. Submitters and finance teams can benefit from simpler, automated processes.

Smart expense capture

The Zetadocs Expenses app gives your staff a more convenient and simple way of submitting their expenses and can help them get reimbursed quicker. There is no need to fill in expense claims as the app takes the data from the receipt or card transaction and creates the expense, all while on the go.

Control expense spend

Finance teams no longer have to rekey receipt and credit card transaction data into their finance system – it’s done automatically and quickly for them by Zetadocs Expenses. Compliance with company policy is built in and real-time insights are available to help control spend.

Seamlessly integrated

Bring expense management processes alongside the various other self-service functions offered by the HR department, reducing the number of different systems that are not interconnected.

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The pitfalls of manual mileage tracking

The challenges associated with manual mileage tracking and the benefits of automating your expense management solution

Manually managing business mileage presents several challenges, both for companies and employees. This blog post analyzes these challenges and identifies how technology can help overcome them.

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ROI on expense management

The advantages to automating your expense management solution

Discover the return on investment you can benefit from by automating your expense management system, and download our infographic on the subject.

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