Daily Allowances

More convenient to claim and easier to control

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Manage daily allowance expenses with ease

Simplify the process of calculating, approving, recording and paying staff daily allowances – to save time.

More control

More control

Set the rates that staff or teams may select when submitting allowance expenses, with visibility of all expenses for cost tracking and auditing purposes.

Greater accuracy

Greater accuracy

Allowances calculated automatically based on trip duration and the type of allowance, avoiding errors associated with manually entering data.

More convenient

More convenient

Submit allowance expenses using web or phone apps, which once approved are then exported to your finance system for reimbursement.

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Control daily allowances according to business policy

Automate the calculation and verification of allowance expenses according to business rules.

Configurable allowances

Set multiple daily allowances to suit your corporate travel expense policies, which are then easy for employees to select when submitting their expenses for approval & reimbursement.

Variable allowances

Set different allowance rates for various meal types and overnight accommodation, and for multi-day business trips where different rates may apply on the first and/or last day.

Automated export

Approved allowance expenses are automatically exported to your finance system, with related information easily retrievable, such as department, project or approval history.


Available on Microsoft AppSource

You can get the Zetadocs Expenses extension for Business Central from Microsoft AppSource here

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