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Why are so many businesses moving to the cloud?

Why are so many businesses moving to the cloud?

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When evaluating a purchase decision for a new solution or even migrating an existing system, organizations typically compare the price of on premises software to the recurring cost of subscription.

While these numbers are highly important, sometimes companies fail to capture the total cost of ownership. On premises solutions require not only the outright purchase of the software, but also the annual support costs which are typically 20% of the license value. Additionally, and this is sometimes not as obvious, is that companies must consider hardware costs, monitoring and management tools, personnel for maintenance, backup regimes, running costs and more.

It might surprise you to know that, on-premises solutions have been shown to be 60% more expensive to operate than their online equivalent1.

By switching to cloud, many of these costs are already included in the subscription price, which not only lowers the total cost of ownership, but also reduces complexity and overhead. Because the service is managed for you, you have no hardware running costs, and IT issues associated with on premises solutions are a thing of the past. And with service levels agreements you can reliably ensure you and your employees have uninterrupted access at anytime from anywhere.

Cloud-based services are now widely accepted to offer more robust systems which can be more easily rolled out and offer simpler access anytime from anywhere.

So in summary, cloud-services are quickly becoming the new normal and being used for almost all types of applications. Timemaster is one of those solutions and it is also available as a cloud-service.

Some benefits of Timemaster in the Cloud:

Access to the same features

We often get asked whether a switch to the cloud means access to the exact same features and modules as our on-premise solution. The good news is YES, you get access to the same features. No changes!

Automatic software updates

Servers are off-premise, out of sight and out of your hair. We take care of them for you, handling all regular software updates so you will always be on the latest version of the software.

Save your time

There is no need to use valuable IT staff resources on things like maintaining servers, making backups or taking care of software updates. Your IT department will spend less time on maintenance and be free to spend more time focusing on strategic initiatives to increase your company’s performance.

Anywhere, Anytime

With all your data stored in the cloud, you will be able to access your information anywhere from any device that has Internet connection. Project managers use popular web browsers to resource and manage their projects wherever they find themselves. You will also no longer be tied to your desk to enter your time and expenses, and will be able to access Timemaster from wherever you are, 24 hours a day with our mobile app. Staff will be able to access information from home, from client’s offices, on the road, or even from their smartphone.

This is what Jenny Carter at Innecto has to say about Timemaster in the cloud: ‘Timemaster in the cloud works great for us with employees who work remotely and are continually out on the road, with the added benefit of knowing that everyone will always be on the same version at the same time as the updates are done for us automatically’.

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1 “TCO of On-Demand Applications Is Significantly Better for SMBs and Mid-Market Enterprises” Yankee Group. June 1, 2005

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